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2 Handy Rd
#03-19 The Cathay
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Beauty and Wellness » Spas & Massage

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  1. yslau01
     07 Jul 2014 at 1:52 pm

    YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR (perhaps less) Went to Spa Elements Cathay last week for a "Customised Diamond facial" promotion (S$26 for a supposedly UP$280 facial), courtesy of DBS bank.

    Same old story about pushy beauticians only interested in selling you extra packages, but are actually not any better than you doing a DIY mask treatment yourself at home.

    Kept saying "see, much better on this side after this treatment…" about three times during the facial, showing me the mirror each time, but I cannot honestly see any difference, I just did not want to speak up out of politeness.

    Promotion also included a complimentary Stem Cell Body/ Face Ampoule (UP$60) for Cathay customers (no ampoule for ION customers), but when I asked, beautician cunningly said "oh, only if it is appropriate for your skin type, we will see first, okay…". After I declined all the additional treatments she advised, no surprises there, I DID NOT get the advertised ampoule.

    What I got for $26 and 75 mins: Cleansing, Diamond treatment (suction type device held over your face for 2-3 mins), facial massage, mask, cleansing, moisturiser.

    This facial is definitely NOT worth it's supposed 'Usual Price' of $280. Diamond facial had absolutely no effect on my combination skin with minor pigmentation problems.

    My advise: Don't go expecting more than what you are actually paying.

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    1. vintagetrinkets
       29 Jun 2010 at 4:12 pm

      Seems like Spa Elements is still very unprofessional. I've signed a few packages - one of which was not properly explained to me and in the end, I ended up signing for something that I did not want.

      I wanted to sign up for five sessions of ba guan therapy. The sales consultant then said that yes you can do so, and offered me a package where I could do both ba guan and a 30-min steam bath, so I signed up for 5 sessions of that.

      On my next few visits, I wanted to use one of the sessions that I've signed up for, so I consulted another consultant to make reservations. She was confused about how I thought I had signed up for both ba guan and steambath, and asked to see the receipt, saying she would clarify with her management. I passed it to her, and never got any reply or my receipt back again.

      Another time, I reserved a 2 hour massage slot but in the end only did 1.5hrs. Their sign out receipt shortchanged me 0.5 hours, and I pointed the mistake out. The consultant said the error would be rectify in the next receipt.

      On my next three visits, the error was still there and each time the consultants would say they would get back to me/call me the next day but guess what? No calls, no nothing...

      Super unprofessional. Too bad i'm stuck with this bad management.

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      1. Jeslyn Tee
         26 Jul 2009 at 4:27 pm

        Went there for a facial promotion of $22 facial $8 for eye mask. Thought their service is not EXCELLENT but I found it to be not bad. Perhaps I was lucky and gotten the therapist whom was good? The therapist did ask me whether I wanted to add a $20 ampoule for collagen but when I said no, she did not push for me to buy. Touch was light and soothing, when I didn't want to talk, she didn't try to act friendly like a lot of therapist would.

        We were urshered to this room where the manager asked whether we would be interested in their facial packages. But when I mentioned I have packages elsewhere, she did not push more and instead introduced a promotional slimming package and offered to customize it for us.

        Though in the end my friend and I signed for the package, we did not felt that we were forced into it. Perhaps it was due to previous cases hence the service improved? In anyway, we just went for our first treatment yesterday and although my friend did not like her therapist who was from China and lack experience, mine was great but did try to act friendly with me.

        All in all, the service was not too bad, the atmosphere was great and space not crammed like some other facials I went to.

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