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 24 Dec 2014 at 3:28 pm

We bought a set of PVC sofa 3 2 seater (with cushsion armrest) from Brighton Furniture Display Centre at 46 Sungei Kadut Ave, Singapore 729669 during January this year. As usual the before sales service was excellent, they can promise their furniture is the best and the foam they use is very very firm. We also asked to add more foam to firm up the armrest.

Just last week, we called to compliant that the armrest is dented and the seat is abit side looped They told us that the armrest is not fit for sitting and they want to charge us $160 for taking it back for repair. $60 for the delivery fees and $100 for the repair of the armrest. I was furious as the purchase was made in less than a year and their excuse to me was that their guarantee (free of charge) is only for 'natural' damage. What do they mean by 'natural damage'?? Their explanation is nonsense! They even told me that their factory only repair the armrest and no repair of seat cushion.

My advice to those who want to ...   

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Brighton Furniture Display Centre (Sungei Kadut)
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On the review for Brighton Furniture Display Centre (Sungei Kadut)
  1. Muffy
    Muffy said: seem to be a common problem among furniture industry...sales talk very impressive but after sales support is almost zero
    29 Dec 2014 at 1:01 pm

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