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 06 Jan 2016 at 12:01 pm

Sharing this so that more people will be aware of the unpleasant events my family experienced when we travelled with Jun-Air. In Dec 2015, we went on a 7D Korea 3D Shanghai Tour

On the last day at Korea, we were supposed to catch a 6pm flight from Korea to Shanghai. However at 12pm, Jun-Air Travel suddenly called our Korean tour guide to tell us that our flight was changed to 4pm. No explanation was given to us at that time and even our Korean tour guide felt frustrated by the sudden change. As a result, we had to skip 2 of our itineraries at Korea to catch the new flight.

Upon reaching Shanghai, my family felt worried that the same would happen to our flight from Shanghai back to Singapore. We called the airline company to confirm our seats and discovered that one of our family member's flight ticket was not booked at all. After making several international calls back to Jun-Air Travel, we finally managed to confirm that family member's flight ticket with the airline co...   

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