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#01-21, People's Park Centre,Singapore 058357
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Telephone: (65) 6535-5688
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  1. jennyongkl
     27 Apr 2016 at 1:31 pm

    My sis and I had a bad experience with JUN-AIR TRAVEL for our 8D6N Kyushu trip from 15-22 Apr'16. Firstly, when we booked our trip in Travel Revolution fair, we were told that we still able to see sakura in mid Apr. But when we were at the tour briefing (which was 4 days b4 departure) that staff (PRC) told us sakura already long withered by end of Mar. And she told us that person (David) whom served us in the travel fair was not even their staff so they cannot comment (so dishonest and irresponsible). Beside both of us, there are few members in our group also felt being conned in the fair. As cancellation was not allowed we had no choice but to go ahead as planned. Things being worsen when Kumamoto in Kyushu was being strike by earthquake on 14 Apr (just a day before our departure). We were worried on the situation and requested Jun-air to check/confirm on the safety of our trip on 15 Apr before heading to Airport (check in by 10pm). Their staff only provides us a letter from the Japan tour agent that only Kumamoto was being affected and it safe to go ahead the trip. As the JUN-AIR had no intention to cancel/postpone the trip and also there was any flight delayed/re-scheduled for our flight (SIA), there were no compensation on the amount ($2.6K) we already paid. We again had no choice but had to proceed with the trip few hours before departure time. When we reached Fukuoka airport on 16 Apr @ 6-25am, our japan tour leader (another PRC guy) fetched us to our first destination in Oita (Beppu). Adding to our nightmare, we realized from internet/TV news that on 16 Apr at 1-25am there was second earthquake in Kumamoto which destroyed the highway and caused many aftershock in many areas of Kyushu and Oita was also affected. The hot spring site in Beppu was being closed due to earthquake. When checked into Beppu Onsen at about 4pm, our group (15pax) we were worried that the situation maybe worsen and request the jap tour leader to arrange flight returning back to Spore but were bluntly rejected. He refused to contact Jun-air in Spore and insisted we still able to visit other sites/location as all hotel arrangement already done. And he was so unprofessional as a tour guide, he just walked away from us and back to his room. That first night was our worst experience as we encountered 3 times aftershock in our room and were too afraid to enjoy the hot spring and even put on full clothing to bed (with luggage’s ready packed). For the rest of days of our trip in Kyushu, we seem to be the only tour group to check-in onsen/hotel and at site seeing areas. We had alternations on itinerary which missed the most popular sites -- the Kumamoto castle & ASO Mountain. Also during the touring, that PRC tour guide was so unprofessional to even quarrel/argue with our group members in various occasions. With such bad experience with the JUN-AIR and jap tour guide, we were lucky to be able to survive and return safely back in Spore.

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    1. wenhujia
       06 Jan 2016 at 12:01 pm

      Sharing this so that more people will be aware of the unpleasant events my family experienced when we travelled with Jun-Air. In Dec 2015, we went on a 7D Korea 3D Shanghai Tour

      On the last day at Korea, we were supposed to catch a 6pm flight from Korea to Shanghai. However at 12pm, Jun-Air Travel suddenly called our Korean tour guide to tell us that our flight was changed to 4pm. No explanation was given to us at that time and even our Korean tour guide felt frustrated by the sudden change. As a result, we had to skip 2 of our itineraries at Korea to catch the new flight.

      Upon reaching Shanghai, my family felt worried that the same would happen to our flight from Shanghai back to Singapore. We called the airline company to confirm our seats and discovered that one of our family member's flight ticket was not booked at all. After making several international calls back to Jun-Air Travel, we finally managed to confirm that family member's flight ticket with the airline company.

      After returning back to Singapore, Jun-Air Travel failed to contact me regarding these problems. I had to call the travel agent myself several times to seek for a proper explanation. The excuse given by the travel agent was that the return flight was fully booked and hence they had to change our flight. This is clearly unreasonable as we booked the tour very early at August and even went down to the travel agent a few days before we depart to confirm our final electronic plane tickets. Furthermore, according to our Korean tour guide, the same change in flight occurred to the tour group before us. This shows that the change was due to the travel agent's fault.

      With regards to the 2 missed itineraries at Korea, Jun-Air Travel replied that these itineraries are shopping places with no admission charges. Hence, they will not compensate us in any way except to give us some travel vouchers. From a tourist's point of view, shopping for beauty products and accessories is one of the highlights at Korea and also one of my main purposes of visiting Korea. Also, we were given travel vouchers when we booked this tour. Hence, giving us more travel vouchers for this incident is not a proper compensation and we would not want to travel with this tour agent again since we have lost our faith in them.

      My family felt deeply disappointed in Jun-Air Travel for their irresponsibility and lack of sincerity in handling tour problems which clearly arose due to the travel agent itself. We have travelled many times with other Singapore tour agents and this is the first time we encounter such an incident.

      So do think twice before booking a tour with them!

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      1. holidaes
         28 Jul 2015 at 9:48 pm

        Over this june 2015, my family travelled to China, shangrila, Yunan. I hope people are reading this before you book any tour with them especially for tibet.

        1)They did their commercial on newspapers and website saying 10,000 pax lianhe wanbao readers have gone tibet with them( even till now they have that commercial). In April, My parents puchased the tour ticket for our family without asking me. Sales staff attitude was good then.

        2) In may, when natural disaster happened in Tibet , the sales staff called and demand us to change from 10 day tibet to 8 day in a very rude tone. "Didn you all read the news? Still want to go for 10 days?" She also demanded us to pay the payment one month before travel date.

        3) When we tried to made payment at their requested date, the sales person was on leave. The funny thing, their colleague is not able to help process the payment due to unable to open the file in the computer.

        4) During the 3rd week of may, i was overseas and received a call from my mum. They were at the travel agency to make payment but were informed that according to the staff one of the member of the family we are going with fell sick and we are unable to go tibet.

        They gave us 2 choice. A) driver and tour guide provided, our family to go tibet alone. B) Japan ($2800per pax).

        They refuse to return us the deposit. they claimed that acc. to law from what we signed when we pay the deposit , we will be charged $500 per person for cancelling the trip!

        5)I refused to pay them that much extra for japan. Their tour itinerary are all overpriced!And they insisted we should go for japan. I asked for taiwan and other south east asia country. they also refused to let ask change from tour to free and easy.

        6) we later agreed on to a 8 day trip to shangrila, China at cost of 1599. We were the only group from sg, we reached yunan and met up with other chinese from other parts of the world(amercian, australia).

        7) The tour itinery was lousy, we spend half the itinery on mostly places where they push us to buy, silk blankets, jade, medcine,tea. The only good show was also only requested my our tour mates. The food part was still alright ( i guess we were lucky that we had the amercian and australian chinese with us)

        8)Apparently, when we asked our tour mates from amercian and australia, they paid lesser for overall. We spent 1599 plus an extra fee of $200 ( tour guide and other fees). They only spend 1200 for the tour.

        9) After the tour my dad called to ask for the exact same tour, and they gave the price of $1399 with entrance fee and all.

        We already paid $1799 in total but yet it does not include some entrance fee and cable car and tram tickets. which made me wonder what kind of itinery are we paying for that 1799.

        To be fair, this agency works like a middle man that engages agency from the country you will be travelling to. So i did expect them to charge abit more. But how could they charge us at $1799 per pax and quote $1399. Even if there is difference in airplane charges due to peak season, there should not be more than $100 difference per person.

        We have later on research on the company and realise that there are other similar situations like us. We have learnt our lesson and will never go to the agency again.

        Like what Jentan reviewed on 2014 said,

        Judge on your own. Book at your own risk

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        Comments on this review:
        1. Muffy
          Muffy said:
          Look like we need to seek help to blacklist this company...if not, more customers will be short-changed by them
          29 Jul 2015 at 2:10 pm
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