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 27 Apr 2016 at 1:31 pm

My sis and I had a bad experience with JUN-AIR TRAVEL for our 8D6N Kyushu trip from 15-22 Apr'16.
Firstly, when we booked our trip in Travel Revolution fair, we were told that we still able to see sakura in mid Apr. But when we were at the tour briefing (which was 4 days b4 departure) that staff (PRC) told us sakura already long withered by end of Mar. And she told us that person (David) whom served us in the travel fair was not even their staff so they cannot comment (so dishonest and irresponsible). Beside both of us, there are few members in our group also felt being conned in the fair. As cancellation was not allowed we had no choice but to go ahead as planned.
Things being worsen when Kumamoto in Kyushu was being strike by earthquake on 14 Apr (just a day before our departure). We were worried on the situation and requested Jun-air to check/confirm on the safety of our trip on 15 Apr before heading to Airport (check in by 10pm). Their staff only provides us a letter from th...   

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