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#01-21, People's Park Centre,Singapore 058357
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Telephone: (65) 6535-5688
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  1. Jentan
     06 Feb 2014 at 10:20 am

    Over this Chinese New Year, I accompanied my mum to travel to China, hailuogou. I have to give a very serious warning to the pple reading this page, and I am extremely glad u are doing your homework before booking.

    1) Sales Staff Lina My mum purchased the tour ticket from their sales counter at Chinatown. She was being served by Lina, a girl from China. My mum was bought over by what she recommended and purchased three tickets without asking me. FYI, my mum said her attitude was good when selling the packages.

    Then, called to chase for payment. And may I add, spoke rudely. I then dropped them an email saying that I want to do he briefing and payment together, rude and absolutely unprofessional reply from Lina. I am absolutely not expecting a one sentence reply from a salesperson, without any greetings and whatsoever.

    When we went to make the payment, her attitude was horrible as if we owe her money. My mum said it was totally different from the previous time they met.

    Then come briefing time, her attitude was improved but throughout she was using her hp (she was the one giving briefing). Tho less rude, there was nothing I can commend about her tone, it's still extremely unprofessional as a salesperson.

    2) Itinerary Whatever the sales person said was different from the itinerary. I was not there to personally hear what she say, but my mum was promised shopping on the first day and shopping at wholesale areas the end.

    We were initially looking forward as shopping first means we can get some of our winter needs from there, which is obviously gonna be cheaper than in singapore. During the briefing she said there were no shopping on first day.

    Other than being different from what was initially promised, the itinerary was terrible. They didn't even bring us to buy their specialty products. It was only at the end when we requested, they drove us to a shop to get. And the shop was more expensive than outside rates (we know cos we walked around on our own several times).

    3) Food We paid 1.5k for the package and we ate the first two dinners in the hotel. We searched w the tour guide for lunch spot on the first day. I understand that there might be more difficulties due to cny and we were in the mountainous areas. But if the food is this bad, they should have compensated with food on later days? (But we had to pay for an upgrade for food on later days, see point 4).

    First few days all the food we had were the same kind. Similar dishes. Mostly mostly vegetables. Many many vegetables dishes and few meat. Omg! Maybe they mistaken and thought tt the trip was for the monks to be.

    4) Upgrade After paying 1.5k for 6 Days I'm expecting good food and accommodation. But when we were in china, we were suggested to have an upgrade by paying additional 160 sing dollars. For this amount we get (a) upgrade of 2 nights hotel (b) one herbal hotpot dinner (c) one mushroom hotpot dinner (d) one show of high technology with 3d effects without wearing 3d glasses.

    (A) upgrade of 2 nights hotel. The upgraded hotel doesn't have very hot water, only warm and the water power very low. In winter times the water is the most important thing in the hotel for me. So I was wondering if the original one was even worse than this. But we alr paid 1.5 per pax! Zzz pissed off.

    (B) herbal hotpot dinner was awesome. Grand setting good service fabulous food.

    (C) mushroom hotpot dinner was average. A lot of mushroom little meat. Ambience bad and noisy.

    (D) show. No 3d effects at all. I can't see 3d it was just layering 2d screens. Absolutely disappointed. We had good seats but the show was damn boring we almost fall asleep. Like watching national day parade that kind of show. Zzz

    5) Shopping I understand that tours always have the mandatory shopping places. But we had to stay there for like at least 40 minutes. It's ok if we go for one or two, but we went for 4 in 2 days. The time spent at the shopping site us the same as the time spent at the tourist site. As if they were of same importance. Terrible, horrible. The sales people at the tea place we're rude and forceful. We left unhappy.

    Insufficient free and easy time also. We told the tour guide we were interested in the wholesale shopping place and she jus replied saying it's not part of the itinerary. Customers feedback not considered at all. I later realized tt we visited a site which was really near the wholesale market but she didn't tell us or ask if we wanna go. Disappointed again

    6) Price We already paid so much and we still had to pay to upgrade and all the things we got were only mediocre. And this don include some entrance and cable car and tram tickets. They were not expensive to us, all the more I thought we should ba getting it included in the tour.

    For a more balance review, I'll say that we had one night stay in a good hotel (but driver got lost). Sichuan opera show was good w plot and effects and all. Herbal hotpot was good. I believe that's about all.

    Judge on your own. Book at your own risk

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    1. Leenie Pigs
      Leenie Pigs said:
      This is a case of NightMare Vacation! any pics on the agency?
      06 Feb 2014 at 10:45 am
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  2. jjingruu
     17 Mar 2013 at 3:52 pm

    Anyone looking for tour agency to go overseas, don't go to JUN-AIR. Gave money last year june to go overseas and can't go but they refused to give back the money. Went down just now to ask whether any tour group going in june and they said that there is a group that is already full for the trip in june and yet they didn't even bother to call us and ask whether are we interested for the trip. Somemore they push all the blame to us that we should be the one calling and asking. Come on! Who knows when is the trip date? JUN-AIR should be the one calling the customers and informing us instead. Really disappointed in the tour agency. Furthermore, they are unwilling to return the money even though we didn't go for the trip. Don't go to this agency if you don't want to get disappointed in JUN-AIR services. First time booking with JUN-AIR and really damn disappointed with them!

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    Rating given:1 stars
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    1. Choco Gurt
      Choco Gurt said:
      omg! i have just booked with them for 8D7N Dec Hokkaido trip, with free 3D2D Beijing, so total 10D9N. Seen such bad review, really worried, but alrdy make full payment as freebies at Travel Revolution
      26 Jul 2015 at 12:48 am
    2. Choco Gurt
      Choco Gurt said:
      Anyone can provide latest update on this travel agency, as seen all the reviews are few years back, not sure whether their service has improved.
      26 Jul 2015 at 12:49 am
    3. holidaes
      holidaes said:
      Their service definitely did not improve, if you try to take back deposit , they will not allow. Their trips itinery are outsourced to agency at the country you are going to ( in your case japan).
      28 Jul 2015 at 9:56 pm
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  3. YO
     01 Nov 2012 at 6:45 pm

    Our family of 4 went for this tour agency to Sichuan. I was disappointed to realise that alot of programmes did not follow the itinary given. We were told that there was 4 sets of bonus to the tour because we paid 500 sing dollars for an extra tour, but we were only given 2 sets of the bonus. The tour guide tried to be friendly but my daughter who is only 13 years old said that he was too friendly towards her and she felt uncomfortable. My other daughter(12yo) had little to comment. Furthermore, the tour guide who introduced himself as xiaoli... looked like pan wenjie (a notoriously famous *** who wed in chengdu), Wonder if he is really him? my daughter even said that he went as far as to stroke her hand when she wasn't looking. I am sure thats not how a tour guide should behave, or am I as a mother, wrong?

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    Rating given:3 stars
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    1. Leenie Pigs
      Leenie Pigs said:
      Hi Yo.. It would be helpful if you could provide more information on the travel agency like their response when you raised the matter up to them and when you notify them of bonus not received
      05 Nov 2012 at 8:36 am
    2. YO
      YO said:
      Personally i found it needless... so the matter was not brought up. The bonus was a visit to a peach garden and some lantern festival thingy..
      05 Nov 2012 at 3:27 pm
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