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 18 Jun 2016 at 1:25 am

Their workers will leave acne scars on your face. They will refuse to compensate as well and keep procrastinating by saying wait a few more days. They are friendly to their customers but that does not make up for their lack of skill and customer service.
I asked to speak to their manager but they kept refusing as well. With such a bad customer service I doubt they'll make it in the long run after their $39 dollar promotion gimmick is over. Still waiting for them to wise up and just put me through to their manager.
Service terrible. Treatment terrible. Staff friendly during treatment.

And during treatment they will try to sell you this weird serum which you can't find on google. And it is a pricey serum for something so useless. In the beginning of the treatment they will also leave a mist machine on your face for half and hour until you start breathing in water. You're not supposed to leave it on for that long. I hope they receive proper training and i get proper compensation.

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