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 21 Dec 2008 at 2:09 am

I was recommended by a friend that saying JPB was a good agency. Of cos' I don't blame my friend for what had happened.
I tried not to blame JPB.. but twice their maid run after working barely 2 mths with me. The 1st one run reason given not enough sleep. The second maid run when I'm not at home leaving my 2 kids at home while my younger brother age 20yrs old were sleeping. Now I'm discussing with my lawyer is there any action I can take against the maid.
Even thou their service quite prompt but they have to educate their maid not to run as they like.
MOM I"m begging you please at least give us employer a lil benefits.
I'm sick & tired of paying agent fee & buying insurance for them but barely a few months they told us they don't want to work.

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