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865 Mountbatten Rd
#01-16 Katong Shopping Centre
Postal code: Show postal code
Telephone: (65) 6844-0589
Services » Maid Agencies

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  1. Sweety
     21 Dec 2008 at 2:09 am

    I was recommended by a friend that saying JPB was a good agency. Of cos' I don't blame my friend for what had happened. I tried not to blame JPB.. but twice their maid run after working barely 2 mths with me. The 1st one run reason given not enough sleep. The second maid run when I'm not at home leaving my 2 kids at home while my younger brother age 20yrs old were sleeping. Now I'm discussing with my lawyer is there any action I can take against the maid. Even thou their service quite prompt but they have to educate their maid not to run as they like. MOM I"m begging you please at least give us employer a lil benefits. I'm sick & tired of paying agent fee & buying insurance for them but barely a few months they told us they don't want to work.

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    1. Sunflower
       18 Nov 2008 at 11:49 pm

      I started using JPB Service since four years ago. My first maid was direct from Indonesia. My second maid was a transfer maid . Both finish contract. I get my third maid from the houg branch again because that guy claimed to be the manager from Katong. He was very enthuasiatic which I felt confident to take the maid from JPB again. I got direct from Indonesia but because of communication problems and her work, I decided to change. I waited for a month but no news. I called up thta agent, to my suprrise, he brushed me off by saying" I busy, Here doing renovation, tomorrow then re-open ceremony, I'm busy.." After hang up the phone, I was asking myself," why I should allow him with this attitude? I paid agent fee and how i know your agency having renovation? What it has to do with me then?" What he needed was to tell me yes or no! I was very disappointed with his attitude even before this call. I went Katong, a few times, Finally I got a maid. She has experienced 6 months in a three storey bungalow but so lousy, worse than a new maid! I fax a complaint. The Mananger of Katong said that the big boss will call me within 48 hrs. But till today its already a week, I don't get any reply! Their maid's quality dropped. Some maids I saw at the agency were behaving vain. Now, the maid are allowed to choose us, not the old times. If got children, they don't want. If use hands to mop the floor, They don't want. If cannot hold on to handphone, don't want! Sigh.... 6 months experience, but still turned my house upside down! The training centre is doing nothing! I'm now doing without a maid as we can't tolerate that maid anymore! we are still waiting for a good maid!

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      1. Dom
         08 Nov 2008 at 10:21 pm

        My indonesian maid has requested to us that she wanted to return back to Indonesia. As a result, we sent her back to JPB katong so that the necessary arrangement can be make for my maid to return to her hometown. The next day, JPB katong called me that a new client is interested in my maid and told me to transfer her to the next client. We reached an agreement that there will be no agency fee for my next maid since JPB has already make the agency fee from my current maid. Upon i signed the transfer form, JPB came up with lot of excuses and claimed that the staff who agreed with me on the above terms and conditions, JPB is not going to honour any of the following. They also claimed that the staff has been terminated his services with JPB. As a result ,we decided to go to another maid agency to look for another new maid since we have lost confidence of JPB. The next day, while we are scouting for a new maid at other maid agency, we spotted the staff who was supposed to have been terminated was around. When we went to confront the staff who make the commitment, they feign ignorance and started to act aggressively to us. When my mother told them that they cheat on us, one of the staff actually took out his tie and wanted to bash my mother right in the shop. I was shocked by his actions and questioned his actions. later, i lodged a police complaint and also complained to MOM for their aggressive attitude and grossly lack of integrity. They behaved like a bunch of ********* resorting to threaten us after we discovered their plot. I need to stressed that this is not because of the agency fee that they refused to acknowledge but it the kind of lowly tactics they use to con the customers. I hope that my horrible experience with JPB will serves as a warning for others not to use them.

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        Rating given:1 stars
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        1. ChoxLover
          ChoxLover said:
          Dom, I am confused with your review & rating... ********* using lowly tactics... yet u rate them "Good"!?!
          17 Nov 2008 at 4:32 pm
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