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 08 Jan 2009 at 2:34 pm

This is the best place to catch a movie if that is the only intention. I mean some ppl go for a total experience, so they demand for good ambience, great variety of snacks & drinks, lots of interesting people to ogle at etc. But for purely catching a movie, this is super.

You go at the very last minute before movie starts and there being usually no long queue, still able to get a good seat and be in time for the movie.

The movie starts rite on the advertised time, not many commercials to suffer through. You can freely bring food and drinks bought from other premises in for the movie too. This cuts both way as there will invaribly be people who bring in strong smelling food. But the best feature is the air condition. It is not ridiculously cold like all other places and cinemas in Singapore.

You will have to tolerate the patrons' behavior though. Most time, there will be inconsiderate idiots yakking away during the movie at full volume, some take their own sweet time in an...   

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