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Dodge_Viper's Latest Review
 16 Feb 2009 at 11:45 pm

Definitely a place to avoid all the wrong reasons.

As a member of the working community around Orchard and having lesser choices for lunch due to the closure one after another foodcourts, it was time to give Shokudo at Cine a try....

My order was not routed to the kitchen the 1st time round and I had to wait for a coll 39 minutes for a simple order.

Typical japanese music to go with the japanese themed restaurant. However they were playing the same song by ELT, "Over and Over", over and over again. After I asked the staff to change the song, he went back to the counter to check out the technical error and came back only to tell me that the song will be changed. AFTER THE CURRENT SONG ENDS!

Ordered the Ebi Tomato (Original tomato sauce) and was treated to my life's worst every pasta consumed. Even canned tomato sauce tasted better than that. The Ebi Fry didn't do the dish any justice.

THE worst meal of my life. Definitely not go...   

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