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 12 Feb 2009 at 4:49 pm

They will always try their best to persuade u to buy their pet.They will tell u all the good points.But i found that they hide the bad point also.As my previous experience,i understand that all dogs from small have to be correct constantly so as the dog won't be spoiled easy or confused about what actually is right or wrong.Daliy walk is important to a dog,min 15min to 45min at least once a day.All these they failed to highlight.They also failed to mention about the money needed to take care of the dog,,grooming,vacination.They only say it is cute,toilet trained n well behaved.But how about first time owner or those who bought the dog on impluse?If u never highlight the important points.What will happen to the dog if the new owner failed to realise the important of daliy walk n constant correct of behavior of dogs?We ask for obedience class n vacination ,they say they will introduce.But after we handed over the money,they just forgot about everything.They even come out with a in...   

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