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 16 Feb 2009 at 2:52 pm

Dear Raphael794,

Thank you for your comments. We do appreciate your time and effort in giving us your feedback. We believe that such feedbacks will only help our establishments serve our guests better.

We do regret to hear that your experience on that particular day was an unpleasant one. One Rochester has been a recipient of several service awards and accolades and this lapse in service incident is something that we view seriously. We had looked into the matter and had since counselled the relevant employees on their management of the incident. Being a firm believer of quality service and in our people, we wanted to ensure that such incidences do not occur again.

Our staffs are usually trained to inform all customers on any ongoing promotions that our establishments are involved in. As for Citibank's Platinum discounts, it is not an exception as Citibank Platinum dining programme has been an on-going promotion for the past several months (till the end of 2009).

If you ha...   

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