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 09 Mar 2009 at 7:13 pm

i was @ miss clarity's on a saturday evening with 2 of my friends. My 1st impression of the place was just PINK, but sadly not in a sweet or cute way. The table and chairs look like that of a canteen and the place just reminds me of a cheapskate looking pink canteen..

It took the servers quite a while to serve us a round of water & it only came after we placed our orders. 1 of my friends had the ham pasta & i had the chicken cordon bleu. I did not manage to taste the pasta.. but the chicken cordon bleu was one of the worst i had so far. There is only a small miserable piece of ham inside the chicken which tasted bland, not much marination done i would say. The sides had broccoli and some panfried potatoes which tasted even more bland.

For dessert i had the mud ooz which is like a chocolate fondant with vanilla icecream on top. It took like more than 10mins just waiting for this to come.. but the wait was well worth. i believe this is the only dish that tasted decent.. All in ...   

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