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roly's Latest Review
 04 Apr 2009 at 6:01 am

I've been to Spize recently with my group of friends.
The dining experience is the worst! Terrible service!!!!
Totally different from wat I remember of Spize when I dine there couple of year back. I remembered good tom yam soup and nasi goreng.
I ordered the tom yam seafood soup this time again and you know what happened!!? They served us something seafood all right, but it did not looked like any bit of a tom yam soup! I saw there was egg in the soup...when ever since there is egg in tom yam soup???
Hence I ask the server "is this tom yam soup"?. He said yah.. so i tasted it and guess what?? It is NOT tom yam, it tastes like some zi char seafood soup instead.. This could not be bother server just took a look and ask a few other servers to come over and confirm .. and worst of all they said it's tom yam soup all right... this was when my patience took a hold.. They only reluctantly change it after I argued that I had tasted it and it certainly does not taste like tom yam.
The worst ...   

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On the review for Spize The Makan Place
  1. spindoctor
    spindoctor said:
    Looks like order mix up it the order of the day. haha
    04 Apr 2009 at 9:07 am

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