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409 River Valley Road
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Telephone: (65) 6734-9194
Restaurants » Chinese (Traditional), Indian , Fusion , Malay & Indonesian
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  1. roly
     04 Apr 2009 at 6:01 am

    I've been to Spize recently with my group of friends. The dining experience is the worst! Terrible service!!!! Totally different from wat I remember of Spize when I dine there couple of year back. I remembered good tom yam soup and nasi goreng. I ordered the tom yam seafood soup this time again and you know what happened!!? They served us something seafood all right, but it did not looked like any bit of a tom yam soup! I saw there was egg in the soup...when ever since there is egg in tom yam soup??? Hence I ask the server "is this tom yam soup"?. He said yah.. so i tasted it and guess what?? It is NOT tom yam, it tastes like some zi char seafood soup instead.. This could not be bother server just took a look and ask a few other servers to come over and confirm .. and worst of all they said it's tom yam soup all right... this was when my patience took a hold.. They only reluctantly change it after I argued that I had tasted it and it certainly does not taste like tom yam. The worst has yet to come till I saw that the tom yam soup that they changed was still the initial soup that I got except with some tom yam paste stirred in. God knows what else the server put in especially I did argued with them. The soup which we hardly touch cost us S$10! After which, we just want to pay and go... it was a very very bad dinner for us all. The management of Spize should look into their staff’s attitude and service, food quality and least get them to know what are on their menu! I will not step into that place anymore, neither are my friends. I would strongly recommend other places which serve good malay food /supper at very reasonable prices...well.. at least the servers at these places can get their order right!

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    1. spindoctor
      spindoctor said:
      Looks like order mix up it the order of the day. haha
      04 Apr 2009 at 9:07 am
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  2. smudger
     06 Apr 2008 at 10:34 am
       Spize The Makan Place - Restaurants   Spize The Makan Place - Restaurants   Spize The Makan Place - Restaurants

    This indian muslim restaurant is located along River Valley Road, among a bustling line of food stalls. You will realise that this stall has the most customer, the tables stretching for a distance to the cross junction. Customers vary from clubbers (Zouk and MOS down the road), businessman, casual diners, residents and taxi drivers.

    The food here is really nice. The price is adequate and the serving is bigger than usual serving at other similar stalls. The price is worth the serving. There was once I ordered what I would usually order at a hawker centre but turned out I didn't finish the food as it was a bigger serving than I expected. Price averages from $4-6 per dish.

    Do try out their drinks such as milo/horlick dinosaur/godzilla, iced limau and the blueberry longan drink, my recommendation. Food wise, their prata are not bad. Their murtabak (crispy, thin, light) and roti john are really worth trying. They have many various malay/indian food and few I've tried are the nasi goreng and nasi ayam, which comes in many different flavours (pattaya, beef, chicken, bandung, etc). Prata (flavours such as cheese mushroom, planta, bomb, chcolate, honey and banana, etc) are a must try too!

    Service standard has not failed my expectation. There was only once which I had to wait for quite a while, other than that it is usually not the case.

    It's quite interesting to see that they do serve up cuisines of other nature such as western and chinese affairs to accommodate the taste buds of different taste. I do see some tourist coming here to try out their western food (burgers, steaks, crayfish) and their chinese food is not bad too, such as their hotplate crispy noodle and black pepper beef hor fun. A place to suit all flavours for those who dare to try.

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    Rating given:5 stars
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    1. Bobo
      Bobo said:
      mm the place is ok ba. But we had an bad order mix up once... Guess that happens with crowded places..
      06 Apr 2008 at 3:15 pm
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