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 11 Sep 2010 at 1:33 am

A week ago, i and some of my friends(about 8) when to clarity cafe at purvis for dinner, we ordered a lot of things, a small build lady came to take our orders, guess she was not local,maybe phillipines,it was around 8.20pm as i look at my watch,so we waited for the food to come while we chat along,plain water were serve,we ordered 8 sets plus the main course and desserts too, soups were served,but the amuse bush came in 20 minutes later,we were a little frustrated,hopping that the main dish to be serve soon as we were hungry,35 minutes past still nothing, my friend ask that waiteress why was our food not here yet, she say she will check it out,but no respone from her after that,to our surprise she was talking to another waiteress, happily and smiling in some of the corner,what about our food? 45 minutes pass, still nothing,we can't wait any longer,we were all very frustrated,we
asked the waiteress here,this time a thin long hair lady came,a phillipine too,we need to cancel all the o...   

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Miss Clarity Cafe (Purvis Street)
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