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 13 Jan 2011 at 2:11 pm

Few weeks ago, I bought a rebonding promotional voucher online. Since the salon offered a $68 service from the usual $170, I thought it was a good deal for me to try out. When I got to the salon, Hair Nox Studio located at 1 north bridge road #01-04a High Street Centre on a Saturaday, 8th Jan 2011, I felt that the studio look no different from any normal salon in terms of appearance and decorations. However, service has nothing to do with appearance so i brushed off my doubts.

When I entered the studio, there is only 1 guy, Kef Tan, handling 2 customers at the same time, and a middle aged lady who is known as the owner of the place. No one attended to me. Finally when the lady showed me the seats, she explained how her staffs refused to come to work. What management! Then she started complaining how much loss she made for putting up the promotion online. I was thinking if anyone want to complain then don’t do it in the first place!

After a while, the male hairdresser came to m...   

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