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1 North Bridge Rd #01-04A High St Centre
Beauty and Wellness » Hair Salons
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    » 2 Reviews for “Hair Nox Studio ” - Beauty and Wellness

  1. sherniece
     05 Apr 2011 at 4:08 pm

    I went to redeem the DEAL.COM.SG rebonding package today. Salon was quiet and i was the only customer.

    i dont understand what is the auto-control technology that was used.

    the process was over in less than 2 hours. seated at 12:25pm, walked out at 2:20pm.

    step 1: apply the rebonding cream step 2: wash step 3: blow dry step 4: use flat iron

    the flat iron looked yellowish and it looks like they were barely making enough money to invest in better combs or cream or irons.

    when i questioned the 2 ladies working at the salon, they couldnt understand my English or answer the question. I asked them how this short rebonding session was different from the other rebonding sessions i have done in the past 10 years at other salons. they couldnt answer.

    also, im very surprised they didnt do any after flat-iron treatment. normally, to complete the entire process, other salons will apply another cream, wash and its done. its to SET the rebonding process.

    disappointed really, felt cheated.

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    1. grace girl
       13 Jan 2011 at 2:11 pm

      Few weeks ago, I bought a rebonding promotional voucher online. Since the salon offered a $68 service from the usual $170, I thought it was a good deal for me to try out. When I got to the salon, Hair Nox Studio located at 1 north bridge road #01-04a High Street Centre on a Saturaday, 8th Jan 2011, I felt that the studio look no different from any normal salon in terms of appearance and decorations. However, service has nothing to do with appearance so i brushed off my doubts.

      When I entered the studio, there is only 1 guy, Kef Tan, handling 2 customers at the same time, and a middle aged lady who is known as the owner of the place. No one attended to me. Finally when the lady showed me the seats, she explained how her staffs refused to come to work. What management! Then she started complaining how much loss she made for putting up the promotion online. I was thinking if anyone want to complain then don’t do it in the first place!

      After a while, the male hairdresser came to me. He washed my hair and after looking at the condition of my hair, he asked if I wanted to “trim the fizzy ends of my hair”. Thinking that this service is provided by all the salons I went to before, I agreed to it. However, he cut a huge chuck of my hair and even layered my hair which I did not ask for! I was unhappy as it took me 2 years to grow my hair to that desired length and commented that my hair is very short now. He just told me “it’s okay what it’s not very short”. Then halfway through blowing my hair dry, he just walked away to attend to the other customer. I was later charged with a full amount of $44 for a service he provided but I did not ask for! There is no display of pricing of any kind in or outside of the store and not telling me, a first time customer, the price and go ahead with his own likings to cut and charge left me feeling very cheated. I feel that this is not a very honest act.

      After the undesired hair cut, the owner attended to me to rebond my hair. I felt that she is totally unprofessional as she did not follow the procedure for rebonding! First the male hairdresser hurt my scalp with the hair dryer, then she did not blow dry my hair before using the straightening iron and she even burn my scalp at least 4 times! Not blowing dry the hair will cause the straightening iron to get heat up and cause immediate damage to the hair. This is a basic knowledge for rebonding! Instead of apologising, she just brushed it off saying my scalp is too sensitive. What?! Whose skin is not sensitive when being burnt hello? After everything, I was recommended a shampoo for colored hair which cost $29 and I agreed to it so I handed my nets card to him for transaction. To my horror, the price stated $72! I immediately asked him if there is a mistake but he just replied that it’s for hair cut, which I did not ask for! $44 for a “trim” as mentioned by him. I rejected the shampoo in the end as I can’t trust their words anymore. When my boyfriend came to fetch me, I told him about this and he thought it was unreasonable and went to talk to the salon. However, they just explained “I already cut your hair so you must pay”. What attitude! He then suggests we talk to the lady owner which we agreed and waited nearly 10 minutes before she came over. I thought that being the owner we can communicate with her better. Never did I imagined that she give the same reply as the guy! She said the reason why there is no display of pricing is because they are changing the price list so they took it down. She also explained that they did not tell the customer about the price as they are afraid that customer say that they are looking down at them not able to afford a merely $44 hair cut. Then they say it’s my fault for not asking the price.

      Yes I might be partly at fault for not asking because I was told it was a trim not a hair cut! Who would expect a trim to be $44? Who would expect a trim to be inches off my hair? It was meant to be a trim, not a cut! I say its BASIC courtesy to mention it before the cut and they do not have this basic. They just do things according to what they want and just charge it to us! This is worst than any hard-selling I have ever seen!

      After a whole load of reasons, we decided that it’s no point arguing with them as they have their own way of doing things that is not informing the consumers. Just do it! We left shortly after. No apology throughout the whole process of talking with them. When we got home, we found out that they have posted this issue on their facebook page calling us cheaters and trickster wanting free stuffs or service. Never in the conversation with them did we ask for any free items or any refund! My boyfriend got irritated finally and posted on their page to clarify things. However instead of any normal reply, they threatened us to “Just be careful and get your back covered guys. You never know who you up against”. They blocked our account soon after that. Is this the kind of service encouraged in Singapore? I think it’s a disgrace. The following day after the rebond, I woke up to the shock of my life. My hair is dry and fizzy with lots of split ends. They damaged my hair with their unprofessional skills and attitude! They don’t know how important hair is to a gir! No ethics, no service, no feelings! They are in their own world. The voucher I bought stated a guaranteed at least 3 months of lasting rebonding effect but it hardly lasted 3 days. I feel that it’s no point arguing with them anymore so now I have to spend hundreds of dollars to save my hair. In the meantime lodge a complaint to CASE as well as spreading this case to everyone out there. Beware of this so-called studio because if you intend to go there, not only must you have your back covered, your must also cover your hair with insurance.

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      Rating given:1 stars
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