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#01-03 Sin Ming Centre
8 Sin Ming Road
Telephone: (65) 6455-7585
Food and Beverages » Ice Cream
Photos of Icekimo - Food & BeveragesPhotos of Icekimo - Food & BeveragesPhotos of Icekimo - Food & BeveragesPhotos of Icekimo - Food & BeveragesPhotos of Icekimo - Food & Beverages
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      » 2 Reviews for “Icekimo ” - Food & Beverages

    2. foodphd
       09 Apr 2011 at 9:31 am

      Situated on the first level of the rather isolated Sin Ming Centre is Icekimo, an ice cream parlour which seemed pretty popular with its Singaporean-style ice cream.

      We ordered a waffle with 2 scoops of ice cream – Belgium Chocolate and Rum & Raisins. We also tried 2 other flavours – Guinness Chocolate and Baileys. The Baileys ice cream was pretty bland and lacking in the alcoholic aroma and taste of the Irish whiskey and cream based liqueur. The Guinness Chocolate had a strong taste in Guinness, but we did not like beer hence we ended up choosing Belgium Chocolate (which was reportedly one of the best sellers) and Rum & Raisins (the only other alcoholic flavour).

      Pardon us, but we simply have to compare Icekimo to Udders. The waffle at Icekimo was pathetically scrawny. It was rather flat and the entire waffle was hard and crispy. There was no soft fluffiness in the waffle, unlike that at Udders. Coupled with this slightly charred taste, it seemed that the waffle was too burnt, resulting in its dry and hard texture. The waffles from Udders are crispy on the outside, soft and fluffy on the inside, with a nice toasted aroma. Icekimo‘s waffles are a far cry from Udders’.

      The 2 scoops of ice cream were rather huge, hence increasing the outward appeal of the dessert. However, taste wise, it was another disappointment. The Belgian chocolate was mediocre and the standard was akin to Wall’s and King’s ice cream. In fact, it was nowhere different from the cup ice cream sold at Convenience stores. The Rum & Raisins ice cream tasted largely like Vanilla ice cream; it was sorely lacking in rum alcoholic flavour. The only saving grace of this desserts turned out to be the raisins in the ice cream. Each raisin was rather big, fat and juicy. But the main commendable factor was that the raisins were thoroughly soaked in rum, hence a bite into the raisins revealed a burst of rum taste. That was the only positive factor in our virgin Icekimo visit.

      With its current standards, it will be hard for Icekimo to venture out of Sin Ming and into the streets of Orchard. Right now, it is better off as a neighbourhood ice cream parlour. Sadly, Icekimo – it will never be our ice cream parlour.

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      1. feizhu
         16 Jan 2008 at 1:20 am
           Icekimo - Food & Beverages   Icekimo - Food & Beverages   Icekimo - Food & Beverages   Icekimo - Food & Beverages   Icekimo - Food & Beverages

        Chanced upon Icekimo as I was wandering through the Thomson area and since it was a warm afternoon, a scoop or two of ice cream seemed like a pretty fantastic idea.

        Tucked in a quiet corner of Sin Ming Centre, Icekimo stands out from the other shops along the row with its cutesy pictures and interior. However, you would really have to know that this place existed as its not visible from any major road, which is a pity actually, given its comfy laid back environment.

        Crepe with Ice Cream & Waffle with Ice Cream ($4.80) - The crepes and waffles weren't very good, coming across as flat and lacking in texture but the ice creams were noticeably quite good. Rich yet not overwhelming. I personally liked the blueberry cheesecake ice cream as it had grounded peanuts within and was reminiscent of the cheesecakes I used to buy from KFC when I was a kid. Just in case you are wondering, Icekimo serves up other interesting flavours of ice cream as well, like Cempedek, Teh Tarik, Badung etc.

        See all my pictures here

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