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 09 Mar 2011 at 3:37 pm
   The Bottom Line – Fitted Without Cutting Off Circulation

The bottom line when it comes to walking that tightrope between well-dressed and “metrosexual” is that it boils down to mediating one's image to be approachable yet impactful. This can be done without appealing to the radical form posited by over-enthusiasts that are commonly found within the halls of pop fashion magazines.

Pants should fit with a degree of slack to ensure their versatility and comfort. Pants that are too tight are not nearly formal enough to be worn to a ball or a job interview, let alone to a common meeting. Pants that are fitted and professional looking are much more impressive to the opposite *** as well as to business affiliates and co-workers.

Jackets that are so tight as to to be uncomfortable will rarely provide the type of protection against the elements that is the primary reason for buying such a garment in the first place. Also, wearing a leather jacket that snugly will cause the lower half of your wardrobe to look very baggy in comparison, unless...   

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