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 26 Mar 2011 at 4:32 pm

Do joyous vet accept chinchillas ? many vets only accept cats , dogs , hamsters etc. but not chinchillas . i'm having a hard time finding a vet for my poor chinchilla , so i decided to go joyous vets but i'm not sure they accept chinchillas .

Recently, my chinchilla has been acting weirdly. whenever she walks, she always raises her legs higher than usual. Sometimes, she even raise her leg so high that her whole body flips! one time, she fell down the stairs because of that. it seem to be so painful thats he did'nt care whether she flip 360 degrees!

I can't bear to see my poor chinchilla like this. I really want to bring her to a vet for consultation. now , i'm just waiting for an answer, whether joyous vet accepts chinchillas. I'm worried that they don't take chinchillas , because most of the vets rejects her.

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