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x33kawaii-lov3's Reviews

    1. Playmade (Nex)   
       31 Mar 2020 at 11:52 pm
       playmade1.png   playmade2.png   playmade3.png   playmadenex.jpg   playmade-menu.jpg
    Loved their Taiwan Green Milk Tea!

    Although playmade is still considered quite new in Singapore, I felt that it surpassed a handful of other more well-known bubble tea brands in SG, at least for their milk tea.

    It is fragrant and taste really different from those from other bubble tea stores.

    I liked how I can still get a good taste of the tea natural flavours while being milky enough. Many milk tea I've tried are too overpowered by the creamer/milk used.

    Also, be sure to try out their pearls! They are quite known for their special flavours pearls. Sometimes they might even have limited edition flavour pearls. 3 flavours which are quite fixed on the menu are:
    - Burnt Caramel Pearls
    - Black Sesame Pearls
    - Pink Cactus Pearls

    I would recommend getting the burnt caramel pearls if you're going to get a milk based drink. Have tried all 3 pearls and I kind of liked all of them.

    Do watch out if you're someone who don't really like the taste of sesame, cause the sesame pearls really taste like the black sesame paste.

    Pink Cactus pearls is good if you're going for something more refreshing.

    In case you're looking for something that taste like the standard pearls, the burnt caramel pearls taste the most similar to the normal pearls we always get out there.

    Do be prepared to queue for it though, if you're visiting the Nex outlet. I do know that the Ang Mo Kio MRT outlet has lesser crowd, probably due to that it is kind of hidden away behind the station.

    Recommend playmade!
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      2. Saveur   
         07 Mar 2020 at 2:30 am
      Category: French
         photo6276016370416200176.jpg   photo6276016370416200177.jpg   photo6276016370416200178.jpg   photo6276016370416200179.jpg   photo6276016370416200180.jpg
      It's been a while since I last visited this price-friendly French restaurant.

      My memory of this restaurant was their Signature Duck Confit and the Saveur Pasta starter.

      I went ahead with these two choices and we also ordered the Rotisserie Baby Chicken as well as the Lychee Mojito.

      Signature Duck Confit ($22)

      paired with: mash potato, sauteed mushroom, orange, natural jus

      As always, the way the dishes are presented makes the dish looks more appetizing. However, I have to say I am a little disappointed in this dish. I do have expectations as I have been reminiscing it's taste from last time. I felt the duck meat was a little too dry and it did not absorb much of the flavours. Nonetheless, there are still parts of the duck leg that is tender and pleasing to taste. Overall I would give it a 3/5, with room for improvements to make the meat more flavourful and tender.

      Rotisserie Baby Chicken ($22)

      paired with: roasted baby carrot, ratte potato, lettuce, roasting jus

      This dish was ordered by my partner, and I tried a little of it and felt it tasted great. Comparatively, it has more flavours and the choice of meat or the cooking method makes the meat tender and easy to consume. Would give it a 4.5/5.

      Saveur Pasta ($9)

      paired with: capellini, sakura ebi, chive, shallot, truffle oil

      This starter is fragrant with the truffle oil and sakura ebi forming most of the flavour. I like how they used the angel hair spaghetti, which is a thinner pasta compared to the usual spaghetti for this dish, giving it more taste in each light bite. 3.5/5 for this!

      Lychee Mojito ($8)

      I do like this drink as it gives a refreshing feel after a full meal. However, I think it lacks in lychee flavours and what makes it a lychee mojito was just the two pieces of lychee added to the mocktail. That aside, I still pretty enjoyed the drink. 4/5 and I might order the same drink if I were to revisit the restaurant.

      Overall, I have to admit that I am a little disappointed with my visit as I felt the taste and experience I had years ago during my first visit, which had left a deep impression and an urge for me to revisit the restaurant, was absent in this visit. Not sure if I would visit Saveur again, but I must say there are still dishes worth a visit for.

      Hope to have a better experience and improved taste if I were to give Saveur a try again some day! :)
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           23 May 2019 at 3:01 pm
           1.jpg   2.jpg   3.jpg   4.jpg   5.jpg
        A new fusion concept restaurant/bar with interesting food names and food combinations.

        We were attracted by their tantalizing trolley display of real food right before the restaurant. Being located in Jewel would mean waiting in queue before we get seated especially during the dining hours. As compared to other restaurants, despite visiting on a Friday evening, the wait isn’t too long probably because it is located on the top level where people don’t venture to for a meal. We waited for less than an hour to get a seat.

        The restaurant is not very spacious hence with limited seats. However, the food is really nice and delicious! We ordered the Charsiu-licious (pork ribs with char siu BBQ sauce), British Classic Fish & Chips, and Macho Nacho. They have many creatively named items that are also creatively fusion-ed between western and local taste. The Char siu pork ribs is soft and easily removed from the bones. If the Char siu sauce taste could get richer within the meat, it will definitely be perfect. The fish & chips, though a basic dish but was what we felt could differentiate one restaurant from another and not disappointing, the fish was fresh, sweet and juicy. The batter wasn’t too thick either, which makes the whole dish tasty unless some other fish & chips I’ve had before where I had to force myself to finish the dish as I got sick of the batter and less-than-fresh fish. Would recommend the fish & chips! Both the pork ribs and fish & chips are paired with ah-char as the side dish and even their ah-char tastes really nice. The Nachos tastes good too. It is topped with well-marinated minced meat.

        We had wanted to order a few other dishes but it was sold out by dinner time. ): Would definitely be back to try their Truffle Carrot Cake Sticks.

        Other than the main dishes, we also tried the one item from their interestingly-named local inspired dessert/beverages page:- Drunk on Chendol. To be honest, we were actually expecting a dessert kind of style served but no…we were kind of taken aback when it was served in a coffeeshop-style kopi cup. First sip on it and it won us over, completely. It is an interesting mix of our local Chendol with Rum alcohol. A great balance of taste without any overpowering another.

        Recommend this restaurant! Seems like many (or maybe all?) their dishes are worth a try.

        (Spotted many customers ordering the “Empress Pasta”, spaghetti with buttered cereal King Prawns.)
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             09 Oct 2018 at 4:45 pm
             img_6062.jpg   003.jpg   img_6063.jpg   jidechishopfront.jpg   img_6061.jpg
          Could not decide between the mango and strawberry snowy ice so we’ve got the combination of both. The Mango Strawberry Snowy Ice is priced at $7.90. One down side is that the restaurant only accepts cash and other mobile payment options like Grabpay and Favepay, but not accepting credit/debit card payments.

          When we first looked at the snowy ice served, we noticed quite a difference from the picture in how it looks, but images for illustration purposes as always haha. I would say the snowy ice does not look as full as what was seen in the menu but not too bad that it is unacceptable.

          The taste of the snowy ice is a little disappointing though, we were expecting a much heavier fruity taste however the taste, especially the strawberry flavoured is not as distinct. Probably they uses more natural flavours hence with just a hint of fruity flavours? The flavoured mini balls and mango are also not chilled, so this kind of brought the overall flavor of the whole snowy ice down further.
          Nonethless, I still liked it quite abit especially towards the end where most of the flavours ended up at the bottom of the bowl and the ice became more flavourful.

          This may not be a dessert I will frequent as it is abit too pricey for the taste. But overall the price is considered affordable and lower than other dessert stores around waterway point.
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            5. En Sushi   
               09 Oct 2018 at 4:26 am
            Category: Asian, Others, Others
               event-1.jpg   img_5828.jpg   img_5829.jpg   img_5830.jpg   event-2.jpg
            This Japanese restaurant was recommended by my friend who has been there the previous time and had rather good remarks about the restaurant.

            Clean and cosy environment. Although they seemed a little understaffed, but they were generally courteous and recommended dishes when they see that we seem to be wavering between choices.

            I had the bara-chirashi don, which gave you two price and portion options: $10.80 for a regular (smaller) size and $14.80 for the standard size. The one I got was the standard portion. We also ordered the Salmon Aburi Mentai Maki at $15.90.

            The bara-chirashi don is served in considerably huge portion for females, perhaps even for males so you may want to get it at the smaller size if you’re getting something else. The sashimi is fresh and juicy, in moderately diced pieces. The rice is slightly flavoured and goes rather well with the sashimi. Having tried quite a few different bara-chirashi from other stores, this is my second choice, with the only point losing on the slight lack in bursting of heavier flavours that yet not covers the freshness of the sashimi (I have to admit I brought expectations from another restaurant serving my favourite bara-chirashi xD). If not they serve quite a decent bara-chirashi don here at really reasonable pricing!

            The Salmon Aburi Mentai Maki is not bad too! Not being stingy with the mentai sauce yet the portion still allows us to taste the different flavours and textures within the maki. This is a good dish for group sharing as one might find it too flavourful to finish the whole maki by themselves.

            A good restaurant to recommend for decent and affordable Japanese cuisine!
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