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Photos of Changi Airport Terminal 3 - Hotels &TravelsPhotos of Changi Airport Terminal 3 - Hotels &TravelsPhotos of Changi Airport Terminal 3 - Hotels &TravelsPhotos of Changi Airport Terminal 3 - Hotels &TravelsPhotos of Changi Airport Terminal 3 - Hotels &Travels

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  1. Leenie Pigs
     20 Jul 2012 at 10:12 am
       Changi Airport Terminal 3 - Hotels &Travels   Changi Airport Terminal 3 - Hotels &Travels   Changi Airport Terminal 3 - Hotels &Travels

    I was at Changi Terminal 3 public area recently and was surprised by the number of great food selection there. In the past, there was only the food court and a few miserable overpriced restaurants, but now, things are different. They have a good variety of restaurants such as fast food, Chinese cuisines, Japanese Ramen restaurants, Coffee & toast cafes, Butter Studio Cupcake shops, Carl's Junior, Crystal Jade, Dian XiaoEr, and even Durian Empire. The prices and food menu is very much the same as what we eat in town. Not much an increase of change of menu.

    Shopping has also increased in varieties. Now they have Cotton On for some last minute clothe purchase, shoes at BATA if you feel your footwear is not so comfy, Giordano for I LOVE SG t-shirts which make great gifts for your overseas friends, Home Fix if you forgot to bring your handy torch or even KidzTime.... They now have almost everything required.. even Telco's set-up shops in Terminal 3... which i feel is all geared up to be used full fledged once the budget terminal phases out in September.

    The thing i don't really like about terminal 3 is the confusing carpark area... I just feel that its confusing and sometimes we would like to park nearer to the entrance to the mall/public area to facilitate children or old people. Its hard to find the mall area in the carpark because its not too well lit and signage are few and hard to spot. When you get there, most of the space are already taken up and poor grandma... she really have to take her time to crawl there and the carpark is soooo huge.. by the time she did so..... we could already have finished our meal.

    The lifts and decorations are great in the mall. Brightly lit with greenary and sophisticated electronic buttons for lifts and other electrical fixtures. The toilet is clean but i've been to much cleaner airport toilets. I also feel that airport toilets should be like hotel toilets... as airports are our first and last impressions to our invaluable overseas guest. The toilet sign in T3 looks fabulous and the setting of the wash basin, sensor tap with hand wash, hand dryer, tissue for cleaning your hand all at one spot and not forgetting full length mirror for that last check to make sure you don't walk out with a trail of toilet roll stuck to your heels.

    I should say.. its not the World's BEST Airport I've been to but it sure is one of the FEW BETTER AIRPORTS... It has everything we need and does not cost much more then the regular city retail prices, transport to the airport is convenient, quick and not too pricey. However service is still not so good though I've met pretty friendly airport staff, yet not so handicap or elderly friendly Eg. like wheelchairs are not easily and readily available...

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    1. zihui
       05 Nov 2007 at 11:00 pm
         Changi Airport Terminal 3 - Hotels &Travels   Changi Airport Terminal 3 - Hotels &Travels   Changi Airport Terminal 3 - Hotels &Travels   Changi Airport Terminal 3 - Hotels &Travels

      (Now this is weird, I don't know what category to put this under!)

      I was at Terminal 3 not too long ago! Had a free ticket to go in to check out the place. Changi Airport is definitely one of the nicest airport I've seen before, and terminal 3 is definitely not an exception (:

      The design of the place is very modern and gives a somewhat futuristic feel. The place is quite different from T1 and T2 as they seem to make the place look more eco-friendly, with the plants on the wall and the green lift! Also, there are a lot of toilets around! This new terminal is REALLY BIG I say, and it's a good thing there are toilets everywhere!

      I personally like the waiting area and basically the whole place after you check-in! There's going to be new shops that you've never seen in Singapore before. For soccer fanatics, they'll be opening a FIFA shop. I'm guessing they sell soccer stuff?

      The interior design of the departure area is very interesting too. They make use of water features to give a cosy and warm feel in the middle of the departure area. On the B wing, they have a koi pond and a butterfly park. This is something refreshing to see in an airport! On the A wing, it's the absolutely-ladies' wing. They've got things like a powder room and shopping, shopping and MORE shopping! (All right that's basically in the whole place actually.) But the departure area is really so big that you need one whole day to walk I bet.

      The waiting area is quite cool too! The chairs are aligned in a casual way, making the place look very comfortable. (The chairs are definitely comfortable actually.) It has uniquely designed couches and ceiling lights. On its own, these individual pieces of furniture are rather boring, but put together, it makes the place look very warm and welcoming. And with the view of the runway, it makes waiting time less boring too.

      It's a pity though that unless you're going overseas, you probably won't be able to see the nice facilities they have. But on the whole, the new T3 is definitely great! I'm going to wait till the airport is officially open and I definitely will depart from T3 one day! (For the sake of being able to enjoy the facilities in there too... hahahah!) :D

      (i'm not much of a photographer, so there aren't that many pics! oh and don't mind the weird "title"(s).)

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