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No.8, Chun Tin Road
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Telephone: (65) 6222-6333
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The World's Number 1 Pizza Delivery Company. Delivers in 30 minutes!

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  1. Cheryl Chow
     05 Sep 2013 at 6:25 pm

    I am very disappointed with the service.

    I placed an order around 11.45 am and was told the delivery would take 30-45 mins to arrive. However, at 12.53pm our delivery has not arrived, hence I called the customer service and was told there was a technical problem with their schedule and the order will be 15-20 min late. And so, we waited untill 1.30pm, still no delivery, i called customer service again but was asked to wait for the manager to call back to explain to me! But there was no indication when my food is going to arrive.

    I was put on hold for 6 mins just to be told to due to that bad weather our order would be delayed and that their manager would call me back. By 2pm, the food never arrive nor did the manager call. Nearly 3pm then a staff called and still ask me whether the pizza has arrive. By then i am too furious and cancel the order.

    This was suppose to be a birthday celebration for my colleagues and one of them is a vegetarian waiting for the particular vegetarian pizza that we ordered.They did not take any initiative to notify us on the delay and did not give us any alternatives or compensations.

    This totally embarassing for the organiser and we are extremely dissapointed with the management of Domino Pizza. I would defintely not recommend this service to my friends and associates as their service has proven not reliable.

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    1. onlywilliam
       14 Aug 2012 at 1:54 pm

      50% off all Domino's pizza!!!

      You may order them via iPhone App or Domino's Website!

      There’s no minimum pizza purchase needed.

      Coupon Code: BLG02

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      Enjoy Regular, Large or Xtra Large pizzas at half price.

      Regular pizza at $11.40 (U.P $22.80)

      Large pizza at $14.90 (U.P $29.80)

      Xtra Large pizza at $17.90 (U.P $35.80)

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      1. Flocculencio
         16 May 2010 at 10:11 am

        This was a disappointment. I ordered a 12" Classic Pepperoni with a New York crust, added toppings of extra cheese and onion.

        On the plus side I must admit they did deliver pretty close to their 30-minute target. This is pretty much the only good thing that can be said.

        First of all, the pizza was massively overpriced- the above order cost around $33 or so, at least 6 dollars more than a comparable order from another pizza chain. As I was ordering I figured that this might be a higher quality pizza to justify the higher price. Alas, this was not to be so.

        When the pizza arrived it was a rather soggy, depressed looking thing. New York crust is supposed to be thin but crisp- not so soft that it flops around in it's own grease. I understand that achieving this perfection isn't totally possible unless you eat it fresh from the oven but, still, there's a difference between slightly soggy and as floppy as a roti prata. Domino's pizza, unfortunately, leaned toward the latter.

        Now, the toppings, or the lack thereof. When I'm paying three bucks extra for extra cheese, I generally work on the assumption that there will be a lot of cheese. Unfortunately, I was to be proven wrong. The pizza was covered by a thin topping of cheese- if this was extra cheese then their normal levels of cheese must be drastically low. Paying for extra onions didn't get me many of those either- I actually tried to figure out if they had forgotten to put them in until I chomped on a few miserable slivers of onion.

        Quite frankly this is the worst delivery pizza I've ever had in Singapore- there are better places to spend your money. Avoid this travesty of a pizza.

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        Rating given:1 stars
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        1. singaporespizza
          singaporespizza said:
 Mouth-watering gourmet pizzas come in a large variety of flavours, all at a very affordable price that everyone can enjoy. Spizza is a famous chain of restaurants in Singapore,
          20 Sep 2010 at 5:34 pm
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