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Photos of Doodle Cups - Shopping (Online)Photos of Doodle Cups - Shopping (Online)Photos of Doodle Cups - Shopping (Online)Photos of Doodle Cups - Shopping (Online)Photos of Doodle Cups - Shopping (Online)
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  1. Wahlabee
     24 Sep 2009 at 7:39 pm
       Doodle Cups - Shopping (Online)

    I ordered 2 boxes of mooncakes for my family and my grandmother from her last week. I was lured by the designs of the mooncake.

    She answered my enquires promptly when I asked her if I'm able to mix and match the shapes and confirmed my orders within a few hours.

    Collected from her in Yishun. Her mooncakes are cheap as well. From what I know, it is home made. Comparing to those mooncakes fair I have been to, her mooncakes are cheaper by a few dollars!

    My family loves the mooncake especially the shape of the mooncake. It is unique. I don't think I can't find such shapes anywhere in Singapore. The box is beautiful as well. I might order some for my aunties again!

    The flavours include: Durian, Lotus and Green Tea. (this is what I've ordered)

    The skin of the mooncake is soft too. :)

    Will recommend to my friends and relatives.

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    Rating given:5 stars
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    1. Nicnic
       06 Aug 2009 at 10:33 pm
         Doodle Cups - Shopping (Online)   Doodle Cups - Shopping (Online)   Doodle Cups - Shopping (Online)   Doodle Cups - Shopping (Online)   Doodle Cups - Shopping (Online)

      I know there are many other people selling home made customized cupcakes. but what makes me a loyal customer of doodle cups is the owner's passion in what she do and her attitude to satisfy every individual customer's needs.

      The owner is a young & sweet lady who has much experience in bakery field. Her home made cupcakes with all those fancyful and oh-so-sweet designs makes me cant bear to eat them. Even her standard design with swirl sugar coating sprikled with little candies is enough to make my heart melt :)

      What I like about doodle cups is that you can customize almost everything. From the fillings in the cupcakes, the colour (or even its tone) of the sugar coating, the box you'll like to fit the cupcakes in (if its meant as a gift) till the design of the main product. The owner will accomodate to all requests if they can be done. I got a fully customized 6 piece cupcake set for my boyfriend as a gift and even as a guy, he too cant bear to eat them :)

      There is of course a minimal charge for special customization but I think its still very cheap when compared to other similar competitors. For example, my customized cupcake of a duck swimming on the lake cost me only $2.50. And her work are really detailed. $2.50 is the maximum price for most designs, unless you request something really complicated like a full rainforest with birds on the tree and rabbits hopping around and maybe with some trekkers lost in the jungle, another price will be quoted. :)

      Other than that, the cupcakes price range is about $1.50 onwards.

      The owner also told me she makes it a point that she will only make the cupcakes in the morning before the order is delivered to ensure its freshness. If you're requested to wait, its most prolly she needs time to find some the ingredients you opt for to customize the cupcakes. From what I understand, similar business will require a 5 days order in advance not to find ingredients (as I think their business is big enough), but to fit into their busy schedule which means the cupcakes may not be fresh anymore.

      For doodle cups, I guess it's its freshness and its generous filling that makes it taste so good. Definitely a treat for both your taste bud and your eyes.

      There is currently a 10% discount promotion stated in the blog. This is a good time to try out its cupcakes. I think most people will love it just like I do. Free delivery is also applicable with a minimum purchase of a price I forgot, sorry!

      I know Ive praised too much it may seem dramatic or people may even think I'm the owner or something. But I have been perfectly honest with my comments and I think such a good bakery definitely deserves more support.

      In short, my opinion: Reasonable pricing, flexibility, delicious and good service attitude.

      However, if I have to find a bad point about doodle cups, I guess its gotta but its slightly limited variety as its still young in the market. But from what I understand from the owner, she is now planning to come up with more choices.

      I have attached some pictures of the cupcakes I have ordered and with the kind permission of the owner, I have also posted up some of her other designs for other customers.

      Thumbs up! :)

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      Rating given:5 stars
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