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1 HarbourFront Walk
VivoCity #02-116
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Telephone: (65) 6376-9269
Restaurants » Greek & Mediterranean
Photos of Fig & Olive (VivoCity) - RestaurantsPhotos of Fig & Olive (VivoCity) - RestaurantsPhotos of Fig & Olive (VivoCity) - Restaurants

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  1. Leenie Pigs
     29 Mar 2012 at 2:34 pm

    I myself had just had a late lunch at Fig & Olive at the Vivocity branch yesterday. I guess the 1 for 1 main courses are pretty worth it. The portion was good and they have a good variety of chicken, fish and pasta to choose from. I would agree that the service was not much, but i guess they made up for it by their very reasonably priced promotions.

    We had a Maghribi Chicken w Olive Rice which is Herbs grilled chicken with Mediterranean style sauce served with olive rice and fresh greens ($16.10) and a Chicken Pesto Carbonara which is a Herb grilled chicken topped with tomato sauce and melted cheese, potato cilantro and served with choice pasta carbonara ($16.10). Both dishes are yummy. The Maghribi Chicken has got an exotic spanish sauce and I simply love the herbed infused taste to it, coupled with a colourful heap of vegetables which is tantalizing to me. The olive rice in comparison is not so yummy, i perfer it a little softer with more olives as it does appear to be too dry and hard.

    The chicken pesto carbonara is great too, melted cheese and tomato sauce goes well with the grilled chicken and i would say a great dish to share with children as it is not too spicy yet has got everything a kid loves.

    Service I should say could be better and was better last time. Perhaps there is a change in management, however i kinda feel that the service industry in Singapore is somewhat underperformed... I won't use the word deteriorated because it was not really good before. Rather our culture has been transformed. Service standards has been improving vastly globally and people's expectations for service has been soaring, time for yourself is limited, stress is high, patience is like a thinly spread butter on an already dried up toast, money is like 'Now you see it Now its GONE!'

    So sometimes when we meet some bad services or bad food or bad attitude, we just remind ourselves.... of the many hungry children in Africa and start planning in your mind how you are going to review this restaurant......

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    1. Fooodluver
       14 Mar 2012 at 5:57 pm

      Whoever not eaten at “Fig & Olive” at Vivo City, I would advise you not to try out there. Their service really pissed me off. It was our first visit, me and my husband ordered a set – beef sirloin that comes with a drink and a scoop of ice cream ($19.90) and an a-la-carte lamb with olive ($26+). Rather quick, they served the ‘lamb’, it did not look like lamb though, that piece of meat without bone was covered up with thick sauce. We verified with the waiter, that nerdy guy went to the kitchen and came back confirming that it was LAMB! FINE! HE HAD JUST INSULTED US! To proof him wrong, we sliced the meat, it was CHICKEN!!!! WHITE MEAT!!!! The mistake was intolerable for people working in a restaurant to actually call lamb a chicken! We called out for the manager immediately and they brought it back to the kitchen without arguing, thank God! They then served the steak. From the look of it, it’s almost well done. In case we got insulted again, we cut up the meat first then told them we actually ordered for medium rare. That nerd reconfirmed with us….”Did you order medium well or medium rare?” Blood boiling…for one to be successful in the service industry, not only that he has to know the products well, it is equally important that he possess the right attitude. Needless to say, he failed completely. Despite the insults and the sub-standard service, we did not walk off. We waited and finished the food. The steak was full of tendon and the olive rice was hard and lumpy. I would rate the food below average given the price. Not forgetting the ice cream that comes with the set, we asked for it as well as the bill. As expected, the bill came first then the ice cream, no one noticed that our table was not cleared. They were not bothered….there came the bill, EFFICIENT! We only paid for the food and the 7% GST. They just don’t deserve to be paid the 10% service charge. Sadly, they are such a FAILURE IN SINGAPORE SERVICE INDUSTRY!!!

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      1. anoif
         25 Aug 2011 at 11:18 am

        I've eaten at Fig & Olive a couple of times, once at the Downtown East branch and once at this VivoCity branch. Both times, the food, while not fantastic, was good enough to satisfy the hungry tummy. However, my meal last night was a HUGE disappointment.

        My friend & I had just gotten out of a movie premiere were starving since we couldn't grab a bite before then. We scouted around for dinner and decided on Fig & Olive, based on my previous experience & the price. This was around 9pm, and the restaurant had only one other table with a party of 3 before we came in (we were the last customers for the day). The restaurant was having a set meal offer which we settled for, consisting of 2 mains, 2 drinks, 2 soups and a plate for bruschettas (4 pieces). The mains were the cheesy fish & grilled chicken with spaghetti.

        The soups came first and were TERRIBLE. It was like drinking a soup of salt! I couldn't tell what soup it was although I would've guess it's Mushroom but all I got was just creamy salt. 2 spoonfuls later, I was done with that. Moving on to the mains, the cheesy fish was edible but not outstanding or fantastic. It was breaded fish (slightly overdone) with a bed of unevenly distributed cheese. The fries, on the otherhand, were better. The Grilled Chicken & Pasta was a sad disappointment as well. Chicken was not juicy or tender (read: dry & hard) and the pasta was tasteless, although it was only meant to be a simple tomato based pasta with chunks of tomatos. The only winner of it all were the bruschettas which was very simply done with a slight garlic butter spread, tomato cubes & onions with thousand island dressing on the side. The bread was soft enough but again, nothing to rave about.

        However, seeing that we were starving & the food is already in front of us, we dug in anyway but note that we weren't satisfied at all after that.

        The only thing they got right were the 2 glasses of coke (a no brainer) and the bruschettas which were child's play.

        Maybe it was because we were the last customer's of the day so the food was compromised a great deal but that's no excuse. A business is a business. So to sum it up, the entire dinner was a great DISAPPOINTMENT.

        I won't recommend this to anyone. Not only was it unsatisfactory, both my friend and I got home to down a gallon water because we were just too thirsty from all that salt/MSG.

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        Rating given:1 stars
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