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201 Victoria Street
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Telephone: (65) 62218846 / 9068-5863
Nightlife » Bars & Pubs
Restaurants » Deli & Cafe
Photos of Hood Bar And Cafe (Bugis+) - NightlifePhotos of Hood Bar And Cafe (Bugis+) - NightlifePhotos of Hood Bar And Cafe (Bugis+) - NightlifePhotos of Hood Bar And Cafe (Bugis+) - NightlifePhotos of Hood Bar And Cafe (Bugis+) - Nightlife

Operating hours: Monday - Tuesday 5pm - 1am Wednesday - Friday 5pm - 3am Saturday 12pm - 3am Sunday 12pm - 1am

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  1. Leenie Pigs
     01 Apr 2014 at 3:07 pm
       Hood Bar And Cafe (Bugis+) - Nightlife   Hood Bar And Cafe (Bugis+) - Nightlife   Hood Bar And Cafe (Bugis+) - Nightlife   Hood Bar And Cafe (Bugis+) - Nightlife   Hood Bar And Cafe (Bugis+) - Nightlife

    If you are wondering where to go this evening, then you should just pop by Hood and enjoy some great groovy music with slurps of ice cold draught beer and some great finger food.

    Yes, they do serve a good array of english and mandarin music from the various musical eras from many infamous local bands and artist from here. You never really know that neighbour who sounds like she sing's from her bathroom might actually be from one of the famous local bands. Spotting this place is not difficult though the building Bugis could have escalators so tall that one might get acrophobic just by riding it. You could spot the swanky neon "Hood" in italics when you get to level 5. The dark glass walls and temple lookalike top helmed the entire entrance and promised an unforgettable musical and dining experience.

    Inside is spacious with plenty of tables with high chairs and even a small stage looking seating area with bean bags for lounging, proper dining tables and a balcony if you need some "fresh air". The stage is equipped for a professional band performance with amps, speakers, mixers, projectors promising a superb musical journey. Air-conditioning is cold but as the heat build up from the many band lovers and piping hot pizzas, it became pretty comfortable.

    The food selection is pretty nice, we ordered some chicken wings which prawn paste was savoury and very appetizing while the thin crust hand made pizzas were crispy yet a little too thin in the middle for my liking. Portabello mushroom was served in a pair and looked scrawny though the feta cheese and garlic was enticing, but pub dining is really not that important as many go there for the spirit, the music and the people. The beer portion was good though, a pint of draught beer lasted for only half an hour because it was so icy cold and the mix was almost perfect for easy downing. Yes I must also mention the happy hour deal is just too good to be true at $5 a glass, we could really could have more.

    The music was fantastically good, i mean not many places have such a good selection of local bands and mixture of old and new music from various eras... I really hope they do a bollywood night and do songs like Jive Ho, in that way i can bring my inflatable coconut tree :)

    The location was pretty central and grabbing a cab home is easy and if you would like some shopping the mall at the lower floors can ease that shopping bug itch. While the food takes a pretty long time to arrive yet its an excuse for us to order more beer. Food was yummy yet we always wished bigger portions. Price is average and ambience fabulous. Its not one of the hippest places yet extremely localized with a Singaporean Character. One of its kind i must say and I feel I'm home when I'm there... its a little funny, this feeling inside.... Service was good, glasses was promptly cleared and place clean and no sticky floors or chilli sauce stained tables. The music.... i can rattle on day and night.. so please experience that yourself.. hop in one of these days.... and after i ordered all the food i regretted not ordering the hot dawgs which the next table is having.. it looked sooooooo Guddd!

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    Rating given:4 stars
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