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2 Orchard Link #03-05 *SCAPE
Postal code: Show postal code
Telephone: (65) 6755-3113
Nightlife » Karaoke
Photos of Kbox Karaoke (*scape) - NightlifePhotos of Kbox Karaoke (*scape) - NightlifePhotos of Kbox Karaoke (*scape) - Nightlife

Operating Hours Operates from 11am Daily

How To Get There Buses from stops nearby : 7- National Youth Council, Grange Road 143 – Opposite Meritus Mandarin 111 – Midpoint Orchard, Orchard Road

Nearby MRT Station: Somerset MRT

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    » 1 Review for “Kbox Karaoke (*scape) ” - Nightlife

  1. Leenie Pigs
     15 Jan 2013 at 9:53 am
       Kbox Karaoke (*scape) - Nightlife   Kbox Karaoke (*scape) - Nightlife   Kbox Karaoke (*scape) - Nightlife

    We visited KBox during the first week of the new year as we would like to start of this year with an out-blast of *non-coordinated* *heartfelt* *ear-bleeding* emotional declaration of love songs, kpop, jpop and Gong Xi Fa Chai Songs.... Yes.. Kbox do carry a wide variety of songs of various genre, language and artist from the international scene. What is most appalling is the songs our local Singaporean artiste sings. Matter of fact, if not for the interactive and easy to use Kbox computer song selection system, I would not have known that our local tv-serial stars did singing and you could sing their songs..

    The outlet is at the second level of *Scape, if not the top level. It looked like a black/red hole with a counter. I am thrilled with the Kbox logo stuck to the ceiling, I thought its interesting but seriously, how many people do raise their heads to notice whats on the ceiling? Its not a big place and the rooms are small... We are sadly given this really small and oblong room to house 4 of us and the air-conditioning is really WARM.... Matter of fact, when we open the door to the outside we could feel the rush of cool wind into our room... While we kindly notified the staff, we were told that nothing could be done. While our group increased in size, we asked to change a room and the kind staff gladly agreed to let us, however this came with a PRICE.... which i will tell you later... The next room though slightly larger is also WARM... shortly as we inquired further.. the two rooms are sharing the same compressor unit... *FAINT*... yes.. laterally feeling faint...

    Though the service is pretty friendly and the snacks are yummy, not all the gadgets in the room is working properly. I guess its about time for a total maintainance of the equipment must be made. Except for the song selection computer system, i should say the *applause / jeer / clap* functions which is very fun to me is NOT WORKING.... the wall control system is also not working and the microphone sometimes goes out of connection....

    Now the price we are talking about... they allowed changing of rooms only when we had more people and just an additional of 2 person up us to the next catagory in which instead of just having to pay for the additional 2 person, we had also to pay for 2 additional snacks. Now the price of the snacks is the same as the price of 1pax... so its 4 pax in total. Not forgetting the room rental price and other misc. So it turned out to be pretty expensive and not the small promo amount they offer you. With the many separate charges here and there, i think its wiser to inquire on the phone or online first before you actually pop by.

    This is a really small outlet and the rooms are small with no attached toilets. So if you are coming to this outlet, the sauna rooms are 503 and 505....

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