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11 Laguna Golf Green
Postal code: Show postal code
Telephone: Main Line: (65) 6542 6888. Golf Booking: (65) 6248 1777/1778/1779
Sports and Recreation » Golf

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  1. zihui
     13 May 2007 at 10:37 am

    Apart from it being a golf club, like many country clubs, this place has many other facilities, ie swimming pools, karaoke lounge, restaurants. I like the environment there. It gives people a very comfortable feeling, and feels like they can do as they wish around the place. I like the toilets too. The one near the swimming pool is clean and has lockers for people to keep their belongings. The one for golfers is much bigger and feels really exclusive and grand! It actually does make people not want to leave the place.

    However, I still feel that the place is lacking many things, unlike other country clubs. This place does not have enough entertainment places. The karaoke lounge is open to many, with a pool table in there. It is not surprising that many people would want to go there, however the place does not restrict people from smoking and many businessmen go there with women of seemingly dubious backgrounds. This spoils the whole image of the club as being an exclusive place. Apart from that, the new management scrapped the whole arcade there. When I used to frequent the arcade, I would normally see many children there, playing the games while waiting for their parents. Now that these games are gone, children there have almost nothing to do.

    *CORRECTION* I've just been to Laguna recently and realized that the lounge is no longer like what I mentioned above. There are stricter regulations now, which makes the place look much better.

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    1. Helmet
       30 Mar 2007 at 1:16 am

      While I like the environment and the facilities of Laguna, I am rather disappointed for the following:-

      1) Too many small tournament were held at Laguna on weekends. It deprives the member's privileage to play on the weekends. Besides, the slow play make the game very un-enjoyable.

      2) The flight schedule is not strictly followed. Many members turn up late at the tee-off point and disturb the entire schedule. The Starters are too friendly to everyone and that makes their jobs difficult too.

      edited on 28 Mar 2008

      Laguna classic coursed is close for renovation for 9 months. It is supposed to be a world class golf course when it is completed. This can be very proud for the member. However, meanwhile, the member has to tolerate the inconvenience for 9 months because the no. of players did not reduce despite the fact that half the course is closed. In addition to this, the weather for the past few months have been bad and golfers can hardly complete the game most of the time. In order to maximise the usage, the management impose a new rule that all flight must be of 4 person on weekend. We do agree to this rule but we think that it should be the club's responsibility to pair us up. Most golfer has no problem getting two person but not 4 especially the non-member green fee is so expensive.

      It seems that the member is being penalised for the club's upgrading work.

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      1. Yebber Do
         26 Mar 2007 at 3:16 pm

        The management has done a good job on maintaining the general facilities. Unfortunately, the golf course conditions (Masters and Classic) has been deteriorating over the last 4 years, especially the Greens.

        If the management wants to bring Laguna back as a premier golf club, and I am sure members do, upfront investment is needed. Do nothing and want something different to happen is just dreaming.

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