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50 Jurong Gateway Road
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Telephone: (65) 6734-7625
Beauty and Wellness » Cosmetics
Photos of M.A.C Cosmetics (Robinsons Jem) - Beauty and WellnessPhotos of M.A.C Cosmetics (Robinsons Jem) - Beauty and WellnessPhotos of M.A.C Cosmetics (Robinsons Jem) - Beauty and WellnessPhotos of M.A.C Cosmetics (Robinsons Jem) - Beauty and WellnessPhotos of M.A.C Cosmetics (Robinsons Jem) - Beauty and Wellness

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  1. Leenie Pigs
     23 Aug 2013 at 3:02 pm
       M.A.C Cosmetics (Robinsons Jem) - Beauty and Wellness   M.A.C Cosmetics (Robinsons Jem) - Beauty and Wellness   M.A.C Cosmetics (Robinsons Jem) - Beauty and Wellness   M.A.C Cosmetics (Robinsons Jem) - Beauty and Wellness   M.A.C Cosmetics (Robinsons Jem) - Beauty and Wellness

    Always love to browse M.A.C cosmetic products, I personally find their colour and product range comprehensive and made with really good quality ingredients. I popped by this new outlet at Robinsons, JEM on a weekday evening after work when the crowd has not yet sit in and got a really good experience.

    Love the way they display their products, I can only say professional, clean and neat. There are definitely more than hundreds of different kinds of cosmetic products, with different color hues, textures, functions and even make up instruments. Its as though I can turn professional when I get hold of a set of these professional brushes and pots and jars of powders, gel, liquid and anything in between. On top of that, all their products are available for trial. I asked Janette, the friendly staff who served me, if they disinfect these trial cosmetics and she said... "Of Course we do, sometimes many times a day if the store is busy" in a sweet friendly smile :)"

    With that I feel much more secured... unlike many places that sells cosmetics, their trial areas are usually messy, littered and you can see broken pieces of pressed powders everywhere, coupled with the damaged casing and the cosmetics itself, reminded me of a used toilet cubicle BOMBED...... and not FLUSHED.... with toilet rolls everywhere.

    Here... its so different, she let me try the colors on my hand and even recommended me what is trending while helping me make comparison and advised me my colour tones and beauty must dos... Love the helpful and somewhat entertaining tone coupled with a tinge of humor here and there... 'this trip is indeed very fruitful'. Besides her professional dressing, all the staffs here are kinda dressed in complete black, her makeup looked so natural and eye make up fantastically eye popping 'in a good way of course' . While I asked questions on how I could do similar color blending, Janette offered me some really good information and also if I would like to know more, they can arrange a workshop for me to attend.

    While we were discussing on the products, her colleague Junry popped by and I was most mesmerized by her dolly eyes.... Friendly and extremely alluring, she briefly described to me which products she used, how she used them and the other add on products. While I tried to remember the information, she happily offered to add me in her Instagram where she shares her bold look. I am hysterically happy... Finally there is hope for the MAKEUP DISASTER ME!

    So I would recommend you gals or guys who would like to buy cosmetics or make up stuffs to go to M.A.C or if you want my kinda experience, you may go to the outlet at JEM Robinsons.. if you are wondering what I bought, of course most of the recommended especially some eye colour for that trending bold look..

    A little something extra for you patient readers... I know my post is kinda long.. some prices that are not tagged..

    1) Eyebrow shaping - $15 2) Makeover - $50 3) Free Makeover with purchase of $120 worth of products - $120 4) One to One workshop with purchase of $150 worth of products - $150...

    I could just roughly remember these as there were so many to remember.. enjoy your colourful journey and thankyou staff of M.A.C... I had a wonderful experience and I don't get that alot these days...

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