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We aspire to provide all girls with professional makeup at super affordable prices. Beauty is not about burning a hole in your pocket!

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  1. candice
     11 Sep 2009 at 2:24 pm

    I bought two make-up palettes from Magical Tannsu - the 88 Ultra Shimmery Eye Palette and the 66 Lip Palette as a gift for my friend, as I know she has been meaning to get them but never got around to doing it.

    These palettes claim to be from the supplier of Coastal Scents, a claim I can neither refute nor confirm.

    Anyhow, there are many blogshops selling the same item but I needed these palettes urgently, therefore I decided to buy them from this store as it was the only one that had both items in stock. Otherwise, I would have purchased them from My Classy Closet - they have better reviews and lower prices anyway.

    So here's my experience - I added everything to cart, checked out and got an automated invoice instantly. There was no instruction on payment mode, I had to scour her very unorganized blog site before I found the "Payment Procedure" tucked away in a obscure corner of the sidebar.

    There were 2 options - make my payment first to speed things up or wait for her email. I opted for the former, obviously because it was urgent.

    After making my payment, I emailed her (Tues night) and politely requested for an immediate shipment the next day as it was a really urgent order.

    I did not get a reply until Thursday afternoon. She confirmed my payment and stated that my parcel will be mailed out 3 days after payment. Obviously, she did not bother to read my emails, or she failed to understand the concept of urgency.

    You may think that I'm being impatient, but let me point out what's wrong:

    1) Other blogshops reply within 24hrs 2) Other blogshops send shipments the next working day after receiving payment. 3) While looking for her HP number on her blog, I realised she had time to update her many blogs, but did not have the time to check her emails, which, let me remind you, are the main source of her income, and the logic in that is completely beyond me. 4) She did not offer any explanation for the late reply, even though I emailed twice chasing for her to at least confirm my payment.

    Fine, maybe she's too busy to read emails. I decided to text her and request for a self-collection instead, since it couldn't possibly reach me in time by post anymore. After some discussion, we decided on Thursday night itself. She said I could collect the items at her block anytime after 9pm and I could just text or call her when I was there.

    So Thursday night, I reached her block at around 9.15pm. I called her phone. It was switched off. Naturally, I feared that I had been scammed. I tried to text, and called several more times. It was still switched off.

    I gave her the benefit of the doubt still - maybe her battery died? I waited 5 minutes and called again. This time it was turned on but it rang and rang and rang until it got cut off and she still did not pick up. I gave her a total of 11 missed calls.

    At 9.45pm, she called me back and said she just reached home and she was coming down with my package now.

    She came down, with no apology, no explanation and handed me the items for me to inspect. I was fuming, but I kept quiet, because you don't reprimand the waiter before he serves you the food, right? I checked the items, they looked fine, and I left.

    What I don't understand is, if you tell your customer to collect something after 9pm, you make sure you're bloody home by 8.45pm right? Instead, I was kept waiting, with no explanation. Even if she was going to be late, at least have the decency to inform me beforehand. I, the customer, was made to wait like a fool.

    I find her absolutely irresponsible and inefficient. I will never buy from her blogshop again, and I strongly advise you not to either.

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    1. Nura
      Nura said:
      And she didn't even bother apologising explaining? Complete lack of responsibility. She ought to have given a huge discount for her overpriced products at least.
      16 Sep 2009 at 7:43 pm
    2. candice
      candice said:
      I had to ASK her for a refund for my shipping charges. I paid $5 extra for registered post, and since I wanted to collect myself, she should have offered to give me a refund, right?
      17 Sep 2009 at 10:08 am
    3. magicaltannsu
      magicaltannsu said:
      Hi! This is Magical Tannsu here. Please accept my apology. My full response: Thanks!
      18 Oct 2010 at 11:06 pm
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