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    » 1 Review for “Mary Chia Beauty & Slimming Specialist ” - Beauty and Wellness

  1. hburn10
     17 Aug 2011 at 2:22 pm

    I was curious enough to buy a voucher for one of their weight vapourizer treatment at $46 for 1 session so made a booking at the NEX outlet for a Mon evening.

    The staff at the reception didnt seem very professional at receiving customers and asked me to sit in a room, asked for my voucher, then brought it back to ask what certain words on the voucher means. Huh?

    I was then brought o change to start the treatments and the stuff explained very briefly to me the procedures, which is as follow

    - 15mins to improve blood circulation by lying on a bed with and a 'blanket' which looks like a giant blood pressure machine over your middle section (tummy and abs). It squeezes you then releases, then repeats for the next 15mins. I felt a little heat at the end of it but nothing else.

    - 15mins to lie on a "vibrating" bed but I found out the bed doesnt really vibrate but more similar to shaking vigorously, and I didnt feel any real effects. There were heat emitted from the cover of the bed but they didnt explain what that does.

    - 20mins for steam room. It an individual steam chamber and half glass window. I was supposed to be in there for 20mins and there was a timer which runs down from 20 to 0 mins. All throughout I can hear some staff who were free sitting outside and talking / bitching about the politics of the work which I thought was not very professional. After 20mins the steamer beeped and I heard someone walk over, and instead of opening the door, I heard her re-set the timer and walked off again, without checking if anyone (me) was inside! I pushed the door slightly ajar and asked them 'This should already be done, no?' and they responded in shock. One of them walked over, opened the door fully, and in front of me, turned her head to say to her colleagues "I didnt know anyone was inside!". Another said "I thought she had gone out!". All right in front of me. Then they started asking each other whose customer am I, and looked around looking confused. They finally got to their senses enough to ask me to sit down to rest while I guess they figure out who I belong to.

    Lastly, wrapping to 'shape' the body - they used a giant cling wrap to wrap most of me, from upper arms to thighs. When I asked shouldnt some gel / cream be used before the wrapping, the response was oh no need, as the body is still warm from the steam and the wrapping alone will work.

    Thankfully they didnt try to hardsell me any packages but I think it was because the staff who received me at the end was new.

    The thing is I didnt feel welcomed at all as a customer. Different people directed me from room to room for the different treatments, and I had to ask some of them how long that segment will take because they didnt explain. And forgetting that someone is in the steam room is simply not forgivable - accidents can happen!

    Not going to be a return visit for me.

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