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133 Cecil Street, Keck Seng Tower
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Nightlife » Others
Photos of No Man’s Land (Club Kyo) - NightlifePhotos of No Man’s Land (Club Kyo) - NightlifePhotos of No Man’s Land (Club Kyo) - NightlifePhotos of No Man’s Land (Club Kyo) - NightlifePhotos of No Man’s Land (Club Kyo) - Nightlife

Every first and third Wednesdays of the month, kyō transforms into a "No Man's Land" where ladies are lavishly pampered and well taken care of. Gentlemen are invited too -- come join the happy ladies for the after-party. ✦ Ladies :(9pm - 1030pm ladies-only. Party continues till late when doors are opened to the Gentlemen) ✧ Step 1) RSVP on event wall ✧ Step 2) Register via this form (Pls allow pop-up blocker)

✦ Gentlemen : (1030pm - late) Cover: $30 with 3 drinks

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    » 1 Review for “No Man’s Land (Club Kyo) ” - Nightlife

  1. Leenie Pigs
     10 Apr 2014 at 11:37 am
       No Man   No Man   No Man   No Man   No Man

    It was exciting! Going to a club with no man for a change; "No Man's Land" was the theme of tonight's party, so cute hunks are only allowed in after 10:30pm... Here we are waiting in the queue anxiously with our mid-week blues quenched by the mysterious looking door with some dark staircases that leads to colourful lights and the booming music of Club kyō.

    I had to hold my breath... what awes me was not the roomy hanging spaces or the lavish couches not to mention a dedicated wooden dance platform and fanciful DJ spins, yet its the cute looking, well built butlers wearing some really tight skinny jeans with nothing else but a loosely caped vest that simply hung off their well-built, muscular shoulders.... I mean who needs the scrawny men when we have these... beautiful butlers keeping you well oiled with the free flow of bubbly champagne and the sexy red vodka cranberries.

    Though its hard to keep my eyes to myself, i started to distract myself with the many other activities happening tonight. One corner I spotted some ladies getting primed up with a glossy whip of manicure and a face makover, while in another corner, some ladies getting their hairs curled by a miraculous looking curling machine. On a closer look, it seemed as though it sucks up the locks of hair and spits them out with a curly tangle which could last till the next wash. So it seems..curly is the new in for this season :)

    While i was feeling a little snoozed out by the long queues to these "make me a bombshell" rituals, I spotted some racks of really pretty dresses and decided to bump by to see if anything could make me look slimmer. There it was a beautiful slim cut pale colored dress with floral prints so pretty from the latest collection of, freshly imported from Australia.

    While I was trying to figure more about my new found treasure for my already overcrowded wardrobe, something was spinning around me making me dizzy. Apparently, you could take some dance trial classes here from the WEST COAST SWING... its a 2 beat dance move that is easy to catch hold of and is fun coz everybody smiled, laughed and shrilled with joy while they got spun around by these professional looking dancers. Well, they are the only other male around except for the busy butlers as such ladies seemed to have all the attention when dancing with one of these well mannered gentleman swingers. Patience is what we don't see on the dance floor, yet the boys executed them well with their smooth moves and made the amateur ladies thirsty for more.

    Feeling sore from the stand, stare and envy sequence of clumsy me in my overgrown stilettos, I was offered a shoulder massage from a friendly auntie that had arms so strong that i swear could break a bone if I ever made her cross, otherwise the massage was a good relaxing experience. Auntie was nice, she soothed my knots away and made me felt as though i was having a massage by the beach on a party night in bali. I came back to reality in a short while hoping to catch myself before i started to snore, i moved right next to the next booth to watch hopeful girls getting their love fortune read by the deep looking fortune teller with her ever handy tarot cards. I swear i could see pools of stirring water in the Master's eyes while light bulbs atop the girl's heads. Some looked troubled after getting read, some ecstatic and some simply just couldn't find the bulb at all.

    There's a good choice of snacks and finger food in the menu with an exquisite touch of truffle oil (my fav), however whats better then to have a pretty looking muffin. I found some from Shermainexk who gladly introduced me to try some of her creations. There were elephant cookies which tasted quite so unforgettably buttery and the pretty cupcakes that reminded me of my love for trix cornflakes. A enterprising youthful looking lady that is a legend in bakery, i must say the dainty looking snacks went superbly well with the ever flowing champagne and the extra shot vodka in cranberry.

    After countless flutes of champagnes, me and my pals thirst for more and thanks to the 5 free drink coupons that was issued to us, we both had a jar of housepours each. While we were busy getting wasted, the boys were let in and boy do they look yummy.... I was half wondering if its the spirit making its moves or my eyes are getting old... every lady appeared so good looking... I begin to wonder if its the curly hair or the perfect make-up or the sexy moves on the dance floor. Well the party just got started as more and more hopeful men comes spilling in...

    and so the night goes on with the music getting hotter and the dance floor crowding up with good looking people while we reassured our girlfriends to come by earlier for the next event, somebody let out a loud Sigh.... "Why does the party only happens on the 1st and 3rd Wednesdays of the month!"

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