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270 Orchard Road
Level 4, Grand Park Orchard
Postal code: Show postal code
Telephone: (65) 6603-8855
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A trendy international restaurant with an open concept dining. Serving buffet breakfast and a la carte menus for lunch and dinner, the restaurant’s dining highlights are inspired from the four live cooking stations at its main dining area. These stations serve chef’s signature dishes that include pizza, sandwiches, dim sum, claypot dishes and roast meat with noodles or rice.

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  1. Leenie Pigs
     18 Nov 2013 at 10:07 am
       Open House - Restaurants   Open House - Restaurants   Open House - Restaurants   Open House - Restaurants   Open House - Restaurants

    On our monthly gathering of the '38' aunties, we have decided a good buffet could soothe out all the exam fevers. For every stress there will be a dish to compensate the pain we were being put under. The deal is good. $33 per pax for buffet dinner at the chic location.

    The restaurant is not difficult to find and the entrance to the hotel is right opposite the pick-up point of Paragon. Carpeted lushly with plush decorations of couches for the small bar area, the restaurant spanning about 1500 Sq Ft is fitted with a open concept kitchen directly located next to the buffet table and dining area of about 200 pax with huge glassed windows for the astounding view of night-time orchard road.

    Its a mixture of ala cart buffet and self serve. The first booth i attacked would surely be the salad bar. It has a good array of various salad and their dressing, my favourite, the balsamic vinaigrette. Along with the veg, you can find sushi, smoked salmon, octopus salad and many more yummy stuffs to start of the delightful dinner.

    Right next to it, you could custom order a pizza, handmade and baked on the spot. There were 4 flavors to choose from yet the highly recommended one which is a teriyaki pork one is too sweet for our liking. Down the road, you could find Dim Sum also, pick what you like and they will warm it up for you. The dumplings made with fresh crunchy prawns that are so tastily made. Not forgetting the laksa, mee siam and mee rubus, noodle section. The laksa is extremely delicious, not too spicy yet flavourful and yummy.

    You could also order a combination plate of pork belly, char siew, duck meat and chicken. The pork belly is extremely yummy, soft yet extremely crispy on the skin. I must say the pork belly is super yummy. The charsiew was the most disappointing, its cold, hard and not flavorful. You could also order some claypot dishes. We had braised beef, tendons and also claypot rice with preserved sausages that was yummy.

    The dessert counter was a pretty delight with a good choice of chocolate fudge cakes, strawberry cake, tiramisu, chocolate mousse, tarts and cut fruits of various types to choose from. Not forgetting Ice-cream and premium coffee to wash it all down.

    Love the service, always friendly, quick and smiling the staff clears our plates so quickly and I kinda was impressed by this one thing. Thats if we didn't like something because its not yummy like the Char Siew, the staff asked us if we still wanted it and cleared it voluntarily without giving us a guilt treat over wasting. This is precious and extremely professional. I guess being educated with many buffet experiences we are more than willing to finish up all we have taken except if the food was un downable.

    Great place to have dinner, excellent service and very good food. Reasonable price too

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    Rating given:4 stars
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    1. hburn10
       14 Aug 2011 at 5:30 pm
         Open House - Restaurants   Open House - Restaurants   Open House - Restaurants   Open House - Restaurants   Open House - Restaurants

      Ventured here for a family birthday dinner as the concept looks interesting and the price seemed like a deal too good to miss. $30 for a dinner buffet in Orchard area is something worth checking out!

      Park Hotel Orchard has somewhat been obscured from the public eye due to its strange positioning - smack behind KnightsBridge and lobby level being on the 4th floor. But perhaps it saved Open House from the usual maddening crowd too.

      The buffet is publicized as having 4 live stations and you can eat all you want, but there's actually more stations. Its mostly local food peppered with some ang moh eats, and you order at the station with your table number and they'll bring the food to you, so its almost semi ala carte. Station 1: roasted meat station - there's char siew, roasted pork, roast duck, and satay. I tried the char siew and they were quite good, very lean with almost no fatty bits, only that the sauce is a little too sweet. The satay was not bad too!

      Station 2: noodle station - your choice of sze chuan spicy noodle soup, wantan noodle, laksa, sliced fish noodle, mee siam, mee rebus. I tried the sze chuan and the laksa. The sze chuan one was not really spicy and I felt the soup was too starchy. The lakas tasted a little watered down but still generally okay.

      Station 3: dim sum - har gao siew mai, bbq pork buns, radish cake, and glutinous rice - I tried only the glutinous rice but it was not good, like something went bad in it. I hope the others are better!

      Station 4: claypot - choice of claypot rice, assam fish, bak kut teh, kung po chicken, braised beef brisket, braised seafood with beancurd - The claypot rice was good and it had the burnt bits which was my favourite; the assam fish was nice with eggplant and ladyfingers thrown in, and the bak kut teh was comfort soup although they only give one piece of meat per claypot.

      Station 5: pizza - 4-5 types of pizza ranging from the usual Hawaiian to strange ones like duck lychee pizza (eee). The teriyaki chicken we tried was thin crust and nice, although the sauce is a bit too sweet too.

      Station 6: desserts - usual cakes and some kuehs, fruits, red bean soup, ice cream with a selection of ice cream. Nothing that a kid would not like. I only had the ice cream and whatever brand of ice cream it was, their triple chocolate was not bad actually!

      On top of that they have a very small section of starters - vege sticks, cold cuts, potato salad but I thought they were very nice to offer that.

      Service was surprisingly quick even though its really semi-service more than actual buffet style, but sometime too eager to want to clear your plates. But better than the opposite i guess.

      This is not your international buffet and you will not get cold seafood or complicated eats here but for the value it offers (you get 20% with DBS cards), I would say this is quite a nice place to eat at and return to. Plus you do not need to feel like sardines to eat here~

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      Rating given:4 stars
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