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6 Raffles Boulevard
Marina Square #01-07
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Eating Places » Coffee Shops
Photos of Pick & Bite (Marina Square) - Eating PlacesPhotos of Pick & Bite (Marina Square) - Eating PlacesPhotos of Pick & Bite (Marina Square) - Eating PlacesPhotos of Pick & Bite (Marina Square) - Eating PlacesPhotos of Pick & Bite (Marina Square) - Eating Places

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  1. Leenie Pigs
     17 Sep 2012 at 8:27 am
       Pick & Bite (Marina Square) - Eating Places   Pick & Bite (Marina Square) - Eating Places   Pick & Bite (Marina Square) - Eating Places   Pick & Bite (Marina Square) - Eating Places   Pick & Bite (Marina Square) - Eating Places

    I was on the hunt for this famous crispy baguette kaya toast and I FOUND IT.... Right under the old overhead bridge that links marina square to the citylink mall towards the MRT.. or the old route that links to the CITY HALL Train Station.

    Its not really a coffee and toast kinda place but they do serve that as part of their breakfast menu. A small and humble cafe with indoor and outdoor dining. This local cafe serves the traditional square bread and their famous crispy baguette kaya toast, dim sum as well as simple hawker fare like soup noodles and rice topped with dishes in a porcelain bowl . Come afternoon, they also have dishes and rice for our Singaporean styled MIXED RICE culture....

    The crispy baguette kaya toast is one of the best toast i ever had. Baguette grilled to its perfection, crispy yet still soft on the inside, kaya jam spread generously, complete with thick slices of creamy "cold storage" butter that taste simply like melting cheese.

    When I am there at the cafe, i tend to be overly confident to order more than I can eat as i find the selections are all great and the prices reasonable like food court prices, sometimes i consider it cheaper then the newly renovated marina square food court. The dim sum though looked like mini portions but can be pretty filling. I love the century egg porridge as its smooth, tasty and has lots of big pieces of century egg. The carrot cake and other fried stuffs tasted cold and dried up rather the steamed items such as shui mei and haw kao tasted rather normal but the sticky rice wrapped with Lotus Leave is nice. The rice is fragrant, soft and bursting with flavor unlike many lotus rice i've eaten, this one is not overly seasoned and could still maintain the moist factor which is particularly important for the Yummy Factor. I believe Dim Sum should be eaten piping hot and getting your tongue burnt is just part of the culture. Gurgle some boiling hot tea, that should numb the burnt tip of your tongue :)

    The place is pretty clean and to me its like a local singaporean styled cafe aka kopitiam but in a much smaller scale. The great thing about this is that you if you go early enough, you might still get to illegal park at the road side and seat next to your car having a quick yummy breakfast. Not that we encourage illegal parking, one should ALWAYS use the parking and the marina square parking entrance is just right behind this cafe. However, I truly miss the good old times that we could park, eat yummy food, admire the new fiber-glass skirting on our cars, chit-chat with our friends and then drive off...

    Great place to laze in the morning if you are in town and you must try that crispy baguette kaya toast.. its really super good!!!

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    Rating given:4 stars
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