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370 Alexandra Road
Anchorpoint #B1-44/50/51
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  1. Great Sage
     25 Nov 2009 at 2:43 pm

    "Pizza Pazza" is tucked in the Koufu food court at the basement of Anchorpoint. It may look like just any other store in the food court but its never ending queue makes it special and outstanding from the rest. "Pizza Pazza" basically sells pasta and pizza. Its variety for selection is pretty much, so much that it can no longer fit just on the signboard. Instead, they have printed out all their varieties in a menu. Isn’t this special? Imagine having a menu to look through in a food court setting instead of a restaurant.

    Perhaps pizza and pasta would appeal to more westernized customer, but in actual fact, quite a fair bit of their customers were asian. To satisfy (or rather to provide a better customer service) the large volume of customers, "Pizza Pazza" had implemented a numbering system. Customers will basically receive a number upon ordering. When their food is ready, the number will be shown on the signboard to indicate that customers can now collect their food. Personally, i would think that such a system is pretty good as it would not only avoid a long queue outside the store but at the same time, allow customers to have a seat while waiting for their food to be ready.

    They have a few house specialities and these were clearly indicated on the menu itself. This would definitely aid customers to decide on what to have for their meal. I have tried a few different dishes from "Pizza Pazza". One of them would be the 'Chicken Lasagne'. This dish basically has minced chicken bits in between layers of pasta. The mozzarella cheese covered the entire lasagne, making the entire dish tasted pretty cheesy. Personally, i do feel that this dish is too cheesy to my liking. Having eaten a mouthful, i tend to get pretty sick of it. Thus, its definitely not advisable for non-cheese lovers.

    For those who wish to eat some substantial meat, you can choose the chicken cutlet with spaghettis or the chicken chop with spaghettis. Both of these dishes come with substantial pieces of chicken meat. Personally, i would prefer the chicken chop due to the way that its being cooked and the mushroom sauce that was drizzled onto the chicken meat. Both dishes also come with a piece of garlic bread, but somehow it was burnt most of the time.

    Personally, i still like the 'Chicken Primaversa' dish in their menu the best. This dish is actually a spaghettis dish cooked in aglio olio style. The spaghettis were mixed with diced chicken thigh meat, mushrooms and some vege. I like the fact that its spaghettis were of a right texture which is not too hard to chew. With the right mixture of ingredients, the end result was a wonderful colour combination. Such combination not only looked appetizing but at the same time, it tasted great as well. This dish do have the standard of a restaurant and with a price tag of below 10 bucks, I do think that money is well spent.

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