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2 Jurong East Street 21
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Telephone: (65) 6567-9630
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  1. x33kawaii-lov3
     15 Feb 2012 at 9:56 pm
       Roti Mum (IMM) - Food & Beverages

    Bought the chocolate bun and I am surprised by the size of the bun, it was really big. Despite being such a big bun, it cost me only $1.30, which I thought was quite worth it.(:

    The outer chocolate layer was crispy and the inner was soft...full of melted butter inside, giving a nicer taste to the bun. The chocolate taste was not very rich though, could not really taste much of the chocolate, but nonetheless I felt the bun still taste pretty nice. Given the price, I will try it again or try the coffee bun;D

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    1. Great Sage
       02 Nov 2009 at 12:37 pm

      Do you still remember the pipping hot coffee bun with melted buttery filling inside? Well, this is the famous bun brought in by Rotiboy and many people were crazy over this then with long long queues just to get their hands on to this buns. Now, the craze for Roti boy may have long gone but people still crave for this bun at times. So, where do they satisfy this craving?

      Well, its none other than Rotimum. Rotimum do share some resemblence with Rotiboy. The most obvious one would be none other than that they both uses 'Roti' as their shop name and they both made coffee buns which became their most popular buns.

      Rotimum only have one outlet in Singapore. It is located at level 1 and just by following the fragrant coffee bun smell, it would not be difficult to locate this store. Rotimum is certainly not a cafe style where one can seat down and enjoy the bun in their shop premise. Instead, they employed a 'take and go' strategy where they would pack the buns in individual bag to allow customers to eat it on the go.

      Beside the coffee buns, Rotimum have much more varieties in their menus. One of them would be the chocolate buns whereby buns were inserted with chocolate fillings instead. They also have buns in mini version and these are suitable for those who are small eaters. However, i find that the mini version buns are always not enough to satisfy my craving for coffee bun. :)

      Tastewise, both Rotiboy and Rotimum's coffee bean managed to achieve the crispy outer coffee layer with soft chewy inner bun. However, i still feel that Rotiboy's coffee bun is still much more fragrant. Perhaps this is due to the large amount of butter filling that is being used. As for Rotimum's coffee bun, although it may not be as fragrant, but it is definitely healthier. This can be seen by the lesser oil that seeps through the paper bag.

      As for the services, i do think that there is still room for improvements. Take for example, when taking the customer's order, they should do the very least to acknowledge it. Without this acknowledgment, i would think that he do not understand what i mean. As a result, I have to repeat my orders again and again to make sure that he understand what i want. Not too good from a customer point of view.

      Overall, the shorter queues and the healthier recipe would be a great motivator for one to try their coffee bun. Not forgetting, each bun is priced slightly above a dollar. Another reason to try out their buns. :)

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      Rating given:3 stars
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