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Photos of The Verandah (Singapore Polo Club) - RestaurantsPhotos of The Verandah (Singapore Polo Club) - RestaurantsPhotos of The Verandah (Singapore Polo Club) - RestaurantsPhotos of The Verandah (Singapore Polo Club) - RestaurantsPhotos of The Verandah (Singapore Polo Club) - Restaurants

Catch the action on the polo field while enjoying both local and western delights served on The Verandah. Or spend a relaxing afternoon by the pool while enjoying Mediterranean and Western selections.

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  1. Leenie Pigs
     27 Jul 2012 at 10:42 am
       The Verandah (Singapore Polo Club) - Restaurants   The Verandah (Singapore Polo Club) - Restaurants   The Verandah (Singapore Polo Club) - Restaurants   The Verandah (Singapore Polo Club) - Restaurants   The Verandah (Singapore Polo Club) - Restaurants

    Get prepared to be smacked by whiffs of horse sweat at The Singapore Polo Club. I was there with a few friends hoping to catch some good old POLO action and boy did we enjoy ourselves.

    The Verandah is an alfresco dining area where you can enjoy the vast greenery, bask in a cool evening sun and watch the games on the field. They have a good selection of premium wines which are not too costly, chilled to its best and they also have a good range of snacks and finger food to choose from.. Premium ingredients are used and I always feel that the quality of the food could usually judged by the basics served.. Meaning.. if you wanna know if the expensive stuffs are good.. you go for the cheap ones first.. like french fries, onion rings and the other regular stuffs.. I mean if these basic regulars are not done well, then don't expect the difficults like roast pork or premium steaks to taste as good.

    But, their fries, calamari, onion rings tasted delicious. I say this not because I am too high on wine or too hungry. The fries is crispy and juicy yet not oily, calamari is of a good bite size, not too dry and the batter is well seasoned with a pinch of pepper, onion rings are crispy and sweet.

    They also have a good range of mains to choose from. Like beef stew, Ox tail which is flavorful with a good portion, burgers which is superbly huge and extremely yummy. Salmon fillets, seafood platters, beef steaks which are carefully prepared and tasted fresh, sweet and served in a good portion. I mean they have to serve them in a good portion as the polo players must be really hungry after the game.

    Dessert is great as well, though not many choices available. Theres always movenpick ice-cream if you really crave for something sweet yet you do not want a proper dessert. Beers on the tap include the all time favorite Stelle Artois and Kilkenny.

    The location and setting is excellent especially with the games going on from late afternoon till dusk while you sip your sweating bottle of chilled wine, tucked comfortably at the corner with a gentle breeze in your face, accompanied by your beloved friends chit-chatting about nothingness while watching cute strong men in horses, galloping around playing the manly chauvinistic game of POLO... I mean what could be better then this!!!

    I was most impressed not just by the cute strong muscular polo chaps but by the after game cultures.. After walking the horses back, the players and their family members will hang by the field, patching back the divots or holes in the ground and unevenness on the fields together, chit-chatting, playing and having a great time while maintaining the ground for the other players.. Its courtesy and a good time to bond with friends and other players. Some bring their dogs which most definitely had a great time running the VAST field pretending they are one of the stallions.

    If you wanna find a knight in a white stallion... Look NoWhere Else!! Find it NowHere!

    Mondays to Fridays, open to public and Tues and Thurs, sometimes Friday you might get to see the games... be a damsel and get whiffed off by some horse sweat smelling knight in a white stallion...

    Oh yeah! the horses looked great.. matter of fact I took some picture of the horses butt... because I could never get them to face me..... they are always too fast too fast toooo fast......

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    Rating given:4 stars
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