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44 Rochester Park
Telephone: (65) 91448452/ 9061-8584
Restaurants » European
Photos of The Wejs (Medici Cafe & Bar) - RestaurantsPhotos of The Wejs (Medici Cafe & Bar) - RestaurantsPhotos of The Wejs (Medici Cafe & Bar) - RestaurantsPhotos of The Wejs (Medici Cafe & Bar) - RestaurantsPhotos of The Wejs (Medici Cafe & Bar) - Restaurants




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  1. Leenie Pigs
     16 Jan 2015 at 12:11 pm
       The Wejs (Medici Cafe & Bar) - Restaurants   The Wejs (Medici Cafe & Bar) - Restaurants   The Wejs (Medici Cafe & Bar) - Restaurants   The Wejs (Medici Cafe & Bar) - Restaurants

    Tunisian Cuisine, is a reflection of the exotic blend of the Mediterranean influence and the nomadic nature of their desert dwelling ancestors. The distinctive spicy fieriness and the clash of brightly coloured ingredients served in equally bright and colourful hand made clay dining wares are the expressions of the friendly, bold and joyful nature of the Tunisians themselves.

    One of the first and perhaps the only Tunisian Restaurant you can find in the culture melting pot of Singapore, carefully tucked in the midst of the rustic Rochester Park serving a good variety of "sun cuisine," based mainly on olive oil, spices, tomatoes, seafood and meat. With private parking spaces, a little tikes toy house to occupy the little children and located close to nature, this diner is great for families or individuals who love good food and enjoy alfresco dining with fresh air in the lush greenery.

    We took a leisure walk on a breezy weekday evening here to have dinner and were greeted by aromatic freshly baked bread at the entrance. We were intrigued by the selections on the menu, though simple yet many were uncommon dishes. The staff (assuming she's the lady boss) carefully described each dish to us and by the end of it, we almost decided to order everything. Being obedient to the protest of the "non-wasteful white angel" we ordered all the Recommendations... which is somewhat the best and most authentic heirloom recipes from Tunisia itself.

    From the Tapas Menu, we had 1) The Brik - which is somewhat like a chinese spring roll which was tasty and crispy and we had to squeeze some fresh lemon juice into the roll to bring out the taste of the filling. It was well executed and filling surprising which we will not say what, yet you must order and try it for yourself. Amazing...

    2) Cous Cous Salad - This vibrant dish is tangy with loads of mixed colourful vegetable like the tomato, capsicum and many other yummy stuffs. Very appetizing and refreshing.

    3) "The Real" Chakchouka - served in a pan filled with tomato, eggs and home baked bread. We love the bread when its dipped in the pan sauce, as the burst of flavour on the piece of soaked up bread was overwhelmingly nice.

    4) Chicken Couscous Tunis - is a small grain rice dish that is made with very healthy grains that felt a little like unevenly mashed grainy potatoes. Very nice texture and yummy tasting sauce and condiments with a clean finish that was appetizing.

    Dinner was extremely pleasant and friendly and we managed to dig out an interesting love story of how a Singaporean Girl met a Tunisian Man and how he lost her, found her and settled here with the WEJS...

    As for the meal, it was like home cooked Tunisian Food. Down to earth, full of fresh ingredients and heart-warmingly delectable.

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