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Shopping (Online) » Jewelry & Accessories, Fashion (For Her)
Photos of Value Nails - Shopping (Online)Photos of Value Nails - Shopping (Online)Photos of Value Nails - Shopping (Online)Photos of Value Nails - Shopping (Online)Photos of Value Nails - Shopping (Online)

Nail Foils Wholesale, Online Retail, Event Sales

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  1. Leenie Pigs
     20 Jun 2014 at 10:08 am
       Value Nails - Shopping (Online)   Value Nails - Shopping (Online)   Value Nails - Shopping (Online)   Value Nails - Shopping (Online)   Value Nails - Shopping (Online)

    Your nails can't look more valuable until you've got yourself foiled at Value Nails. Yes, they retail nail foils aka sticker for your nails yet must more lasting and with more a fashionable taste in design, texture and application.

    Spotted them at one of the flea market and got a free trial on my fore finger... I was pleasantly surprised at how fast the application was and how perfect it looked post application. All she did was choose an appropriate size, stick it on and file the excess off with a filing stick and TADAH..... your nail is dressed in style... Smooth and perfect prints on my nails... with that i took a closer look at the hundreds of designs placed in front of me.

    5 for $10, made me wanna buy more than 5.... with designs so pretty.. i don't know where to start... So i started with geometrical prints, then to the polka dots and stripes, floral designs, lace looking prints, characters and lastly 3D designs that pops out with a texture....

    I took a long time selecting for the right print, yet all seemed to look right for me... coz its so simple to apply, i could change my designs everyday or every other day.... Just think about how hip my nails will look.... So i scratched my head and went into the agony of controlling myself not to buy every one design that i get my eyes on.. i guess maybe about 500 stacks of designs on the table.

    Good thing the helpful staff was there to save the day. Though a tall, strong looking gentleman, he's pretty much an expert in these nail prints. He could intro me the special designs and the ones he held up are looking pretty amazing, such I took almost all he recommended and was in a happy frenzy mood afterwards.

    When i got home, i started the sticking regime, its simple, just stick on and file off, however its not really easy to do it single handedly, so i would propose a friendly girl pal to do it with you. A good tip i got from the staff, always stick straight and make sure no bubbles, then the nail foil will last for the longest time.. Most importantly, no aggressive scratching or trying to pick staples off your documents... no nail art can take these punishing drills..... love yourself, look beautiful and buy some nail foils :)

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