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September 2008

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Yebber's New Search Bar!

To improve the search feature on Yebber, the team has created a new search bar for our users. You can now search for businesses, services or keywords you want to look for and define a nearby location that you want.

For example, if you are searching for a place for manicure around Orchard, you just need to type 'manicure' in the 'Search For' box, and 'Orchard' in the 'Near' box. This will list down all the listings with keyword 'manicure' in the review, tags or listing information.

If you encounter any problem or bug while using the new search bar, we hope you can notify us so that we can help solve it or make the search bar more user friendly for you. You can send them to

New Feature - Adding Keywords To Reviews

To enhance users experience and upcoming features, we’ve implemented a new feature where you can tag (or add keywords) to the reviews! Once everyone starts tagging (adding keywords) reviews, you’ll be able to find things more easily.

For example, to find other “Buffet” places after reading about one, you just need to click on “Buffet” tag (keyword) and Yebber will list down all other businesses with the keyword “Buffet”! Sounds good right? Here’s how you can help make this feature even more awesome!

Simple isn’t it? You can also tag your own review immediately after posting to help other users find what they want more easily.

Upload and share your video reviews on Yebber

Yebber started more than a year ago with text reviews. Later members feedback to asked if they can upload photos too. So we added the feature for members to upload photos together with the written review.

We know sometimes, some things just cannot be described with photos or words. So now, you can show everyone your experiences with videos! One of the interesting video uploaded by one of the beta user is a capture of the beautiful firework display! You can check out that review here.

Find out how you can add your own videos!

Lunch With Yebber Show

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Lunch With Yebber
#13 - Seafood Paradise
Lunch With Yebber
#12 - Jalapeno's Pepper
Lunch With Yebber
#11 - Eden Sanctuary

#10 - Taste Paradise


Y$1 = S$0.0682 (UP)


Business Highlight

Village Wok
"Upon entering the place, Bobo was slightly surprised. The signboard and the decor of the place itself wasn’t like other Chinese restaurants..." [Read more]

Member Highlight

Lucardia, aka Jon, is a foodie blogger. He lives to eat and he shares his dining experiences at Yebber and his blog at You can read his reviews on Yebber here.

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