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80/82 Telok Ayer Street
Far East Square
Postal code: Show postal code
Telephone: (65) 6743-9743
Restaurants » Chinese (Traditional)
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Opening Hours: Lunch: 11.30am – 2.30pm Dinner: 5.30pm – 9.30pm

VILLAGE WOK Restaurants is the only restaurant in Singapore featuring old Canton Village cuisine. The fresh, home-cooked dishes are made with recipes steeped in heritage, perfect for the whole family. Be it their Village Smoked Chicken or Village Oyster Noodles, each dish is backed with hours of preparation through several stages of cooking and served with culinary perfection, complimented by their specially-created sauces.

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  1. Lucardia
     18 Mar 2009 at 10:51 pm
       Village Wok - Restaurants   Village Wok - Restaurants   Village Wok - Restaurants   Village Wok - Restaurants   Village Wok - Restaurants

    Village wok, a simple name for a simple image. Traditional food at a semi affordable price and secret recipes which brought about a fortune. I'd like to thank the owner for inviting us for a tasting session and for the wonderful hospitality they've shown the group.

    Hidden in a rather inconspicuous corner along Cecil and Amoy street is this extremely Chinese looking restaurant. The interior is adorned with simple antique furniture and the bare minimals, tables, chairs, air conditioning and lots of white cloth. In simple fact, its simplicity extends to its food offerings as well. Thats not a bad thing by the way. In fact, the restaurant is simply a front for a greater business, the actual supply and selling of their famous and secret sauces.

    DIY Popiah Set ($20 per set) - An apt start to our session began with one of their more popular items, the do-it-yourself popiah. At $20 a set, this is pretty good value for money since its possible to serve up to 5 people. The real draw lies in the process of making these little delectable dishes. A little bit of carrot here, some shrimp here, a little cucumber and sauces there, its actually loads of fun for such a simple process. I have to complement the chili sauce provided because it was mild yet retained some spiciness for a suitable kick.

    Chilled crab with special vinegrette sauce ($30 per crab) - To enjoy this dish, one must first reserve it with the restaurant since there's only a fixed number of these little crustaceans available daily. The real draw of it lies in the succulently sweet meat and sinful eggish paste that comes with each one of these crawlies. Taken as it is, its already a treat but simply swab a little of Village Wok's top grade vinegrette and you'll be sold on paying a whooping $30 per crab. Steeply priced? Definitely. Worth a try? The depends on your wallet.

    Fried Brinjal with crispy squid in BXO sauce ($15) - This dish was a surprise to me simply because, i dislike brinjal and this dish made me reconsider my opinions of this tasty plant. The sweet sauce coupled with the fried squid served to give the soggy plant more texture and taste then i'm ever tasted before. I enjoyed this dish and have been trying brinjal made dishes ever since.

    The Phoenix soars ($21 ) - A flashy name for a simple dish. The is basically just a plate of roasted and white boneless chicken. The twist lies in the addition of lettuce to wrap the chicken in and of course, Village wok's own chili and garlic sauce which proved once again to complement it very well. I prefered the white chicken which was more tender but otherwise was only impressed with the sauce since i've had the same conceptualised chicken in other establishements.

    Black pepper ham leg ($23 ) - Pig's trotters honestly do not appeal to me but this was once again a surprise. The crispy skin coupled with a thin layer of fats and thick lean meat provided a decent balance to the palate. There's a slight "porkish" smell from the fat but is easily negated with Village wok's rather spicy black pepper sauce.

    Village Wok Celebration Parade ($22 ) - Simply roast pork and char siew in an extremely nicely set dish. The presentation for this did loads to make us hunger for it. This dish was another of their simple dishes done well. Tender, juicy and sweet char siew with an equally juicy roast pork in mustard sauce, whats not to like?

    Steamed Pating fish with preserved vegetables ($44 ) - I love fish and i love batang chopped into little pieces to be used in porridge. This rendition is sadly not one of those i liked. The salty preserved vegetables and steamed fish didn't seem to complement each other since fish are supposed to be sweet and having a salty base simply didn't bring out the flavor i've come to expect and love.

    Smiling fortune noodle ($8 ) - This noodles happens to one of the cheapest items you can find here. In fact, its rather value for money, has a strong shrimp taste and is a tad spicy. I liked it though.

    Home-made Nonya Kaya with bread - Now this was weird, the kaya was balanced and sweet enough to have all of us popping each piece of bread into our mouths non stop. In fact, after all the food above, we managed to clear 3 plates of this strangely addictive yet simple item. Many of us were tempted to purchase the kaya home as well.

    Black glutinous rice with coconut ice cream and lemongrass ice cream($4.50) - Dessert is also a simple affair with the surprise hit being the lemongrass ice cream. I liked the way it cleaned the palate and refreshed our heaty breaths after a heavy meal.I'd recommend it over the coconut ice cream anyday.

    True to what our host said, the sauces are the star of the day. Without which, the food offerings would have seemed too simple to be worth the amount they commanded. I can understand why people would pay to have these sauces supplied given their popularity with even my group. However, i do need to point out that this meal would have cost in excess of $200 if we were billed for it. And i do feel its still too steep a price to pay.

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    1. ladyironchef
      ladyironchef said:
      wah it took you so long to write this review!
      18 Mar 2009 at 11:01 pm
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  2. Helmet
     03 Feb 2009 at 6:53 pm

    This restaurant looks very 'china' from the outside but quite westernise inside it. Their famous dish is the cold crab but it must be ordered in advanced. I can't magine how a cold crab taste, so I did not give it a try.

    We tried the Popiah, smoked chicken, wasabi prawn, crispy tofu, fried brinjai and the Yee Mee. It is quite unusual to have popiah in a restaurant. I personally like to have it at home on some occasion and you can eat as many as you like but not in the restaurant because it can be very filling. The Popiah is quite tasty but a little sautish. The ingredient used is not much different from others but the 'skin' and the sauces are home made and that makes the different.

    I use to take wasabi prawn from Pine Valley restaurant. I expect the similar taste here too. Unfortunately, it tastes differently. Firstly, the wasabi used is not spicy at all ( no smoke come out from the nose ). The prawn is fried with flour and therefore a little hard outside. I wil prefer it to be fried without any flour so that it can be a crsipy outside but soft internally.

    The smoked chicken is good. I don't know what do they use to marinate it but I believe should be one of their home made sources. Of course being boneless is the main contribution to this dish. It tastes a little different from others and I took quite a lot of it.

    The crispy Tofu is interesting. A thin layer of crispy skin to hold the tofu and it melt at the right time as soon as you put it in your mouth.

    The Fried brinjai is also their specialty according to the staff. However, I don't really like it because it taste like normal brinjai but with sweet saurce used for 'Chin Chong Fan'. I still prefer it to be fried with 'heibee'.

    The restaurant looks clean, simple and tidy although the painting hanging on the wall are a little out of place. The waitresses are freindly and attentive. Reasonable crowd on a weekday afternoon and yet not noisy. It is quite a suitable place for casual lunch if you are inside the business district area.

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    Rating given:4 stars
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    1. feizhu
       23 Nov 2008 at 10:12 pm
         Village Wok - Restaurants   Village Wok - Restaurants   Village Wok - Restaurants   Village Wok - Restaurants   Village Wok - Restaurants

      Was roaming the Raffles place area one late Saturday morning and popped by Village Wok for an early lunch. Actually that was the only place that opened at 11 ish so I didn't have much of a choice honestly. It also helped that they were hawking a set lunch set reasonably priced at only $8.90.

      Located amongst a row of restored shophouses just opposite China Square, Village Wok is easy to miss especially if you are driving past because of the lack of prominent signage. The interior is simply furnished with parquet flooring and white washed walls.

      Preserved Vegetable Soup - The preserved vegetable soup or 梅菜汤 came with the set and was rather normal but hey, its better then nothing.

      Beancurd with Minced Meat - This was an extra order at $6 and honestly I was quite taken aback by the small portion. It was probably just enough for 2 pax - adequate but not exactly bang for the buck. To give it credit though, the beancurd was smooth and almost silky with a nice savoury taste to it while the topping of minced meat was generous.

      Village Smoked Chicken and Char Siew Rice - The smoked chicken was purportedly an award winning dish hence I had to order it. While high expectations may have ruined the experience a little for me, I must admit that the chicken was actually quite decent. Faintly crispy skin with the meat harbouring a hint of smokiness without being too dry. I did find it a little too salty for my liking though and I do have a high tolerance for salt. As for the BBQ pork, lets just say that I've had better.

      Hor Fun with Egg Sauce - Okay this dish was a tad disappointing honestly. It tasted average at best and the only upside to it was that the sauce wasn't too starchy or overwhelming. Still edible though.

      $30 for a 2 pax lunch in a empty restaurant smack in the middle of Raffles place is not too expensive if you ask me. Food quality is decent but service was almost non existent save for the taking of our orders and serving of food. In conclusion, a relatively reasonable place for a nice relaxing lunch during the weekend. I can't say the same for weekdays though.

      See all my pictures here.

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