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Vivo City, Level 2
Unit 91-93
Postal code: Show postal code
Telephone: (65) 6376-9534
Restaurants » American

The Barcelos range of chicken products are known for their quality and generous portions and promote return visits to the site. As Important as the Barcelos Legend is, so is the Marinade Recipe used for Barcelos Chicken, which is so old its Origins cannot be traced. Using the Finest Quality Chickens, Barcelos Chickens are Marinated for 24 hours and then Flame Grilled to absolute perfection.

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  1. hburn10
     07 Jun 2010 at 12:28 pm

    My first and last visit

    Decided on this for a quick Sat dinner as the place was not too crowded and of course to kill my curiosity after walking past this so many times.

    1/4 chicken set ($14.95) - which comes with a choice of side and free flow sof drinks. Picked the mild peri as the sauce, although the other 2 sauces Veri Peri and Super Peri are available on the table to try. Had coleslaw as the side, out of the many normal sides they offer. Wanted wedges but were informed that it cost an extra $2, which was not stated on the menu.

    The portion was disappointingly small, with the 1/4 looking quite sad. Although the meat was quite tender, the marinate didnt quite penetrate the meat and lingered on the skin more. The coleslaw was thankfully not too 'soaked' and still had its crunch when we tried it.

    Mini burgers & chips ($9.95) - 2 mini chicken burgers and fries on the side. Inside the burgers were just a tiny piece of chicken with a slice of cheese. The cheese was not melted enough which I found strange as it typically comes more metled if you had put the burger together when the bun was stll hot. The quantity of fries was quite sparse, and was soft and uninspiring.

    Veri Peri and Super Peri sauces - to be honest, I couldnt really tell the diff between the 2. Tiny bit of mexican style spicyness but nothing really special.

    I see that the service is an issue in the reviews before me, and I am sad to say I join them in saying so. I spotted an extra $2 in my reciept and asked why. They said its for an extra drink that comes along with the burgers & chips. I said I did not order it, but the guy who was at the counter very mechanically highlighted that it is because the 1/4 set comes with free flow of drinks, thus they have to add an extra drink even though we did not order it. Why? Because the free flow of drink cannot be shared - they want to make sure that no one takes advantage of the free flow. So basically, in your order, either you choose to all not have drinks, or if one orders drinks or a set that comes with drinks, everyone else gets the $2.

    I understand they do not want pple to abuse the free flow, but I would have appreciated it if they had told me BEFORE my order was confirmed, because I would have picked to not have drinks at all. Instead, they chose to sneak it in and only explain when you bring it up. I told the guy that they should indicate this somewhere, to which he replied that it is in the menu that the free flow drinks cannot be shared. Well, this is totally different to saying "It is compulsory for every pax in the group to order one drink each at $2 per pax. It is either this or no one gets to drink at all".

    I thought it was nice to have cushion seats, until I saw that most of them are very stained and looked really dirty.

    Unreasonable policy poor service dirty seats medicore food is not the smartest way to run a business especially when Nandos are really fierce for competition. For this pricing, I'll go back to Kenny Rogers.

    Management if you're reading this, please do something about it to save your business.

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