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1 Vista Exchange Green
#01-24 Opposite Gong Cha
Postal code: Show postal code
Telephone: (65) 6222-6363
Restaurants » Fast Food, Asian
Photos of NeNe Chicken (Star Vista) - RestaurantsPhotos of NeNe Chicken (Star Vista) - RestaurantsPhotos of NeNe Chicken (Star Vista) - RestaurantsPhotos of NeNe Chicken (Star Vista) - RestaurantsPhotos of NeNe Chicken (Star Vista) - Restaurants

NeNe Chicken offers a range of crispy fried chicken coated with a delectable selection of secret recipe sauces, each with its own distinct character!

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  1. thinkefy
     10 Jul 2014 at 10:22 am
       NeNe Chicken (Star Vista) - Restaurants   NeNe Chicken (Star Vista) - Restaurants   NeNe Chicken (Star Vista) - Restaurants   NeNe Chicken (Star Vista) - Restaurants   NeNe Chicken (Star Vista) - Restaurants

    Heard all about it, saw the long snaking queues at lunch time and finally got to try it. The trick is really to go for very early lunch and not only you don't have to queue, you won't need to fight your way or tissue chope your seats.

    Its not a huge restaurant and well most fried chicken are freshly made as such you would usually have to wait at least 10 mins. Its extremely yummy i must say, crispy on the outside, juicy on the inside and bursting with flavor. As our tastebuds starts to learn to enjoy the exotic korean styled flavourings, we are also conditioned to get accustomed to paying for a more pricy korean fried chicken as compared to local chains.

    The menu don't offer much information with just plate sizes, flavours and if you want a set meal. Not many choices are available, at most you find various types of cut sizes eg. wings, chicken fingers, chicken pops... So we ordered one spicy and one normal just to taste the difference and how the sauce made it a WOW factor.

    Our set came with a serving of shoe string fries that tasted peppery and yummy, something close to long john silver's chips but more crunchy and savoury. A small box of pickles which is a wow factor... Its true, korean make superb pickles, crunchy and of the right tangy-ness. A soft drink of your choice and shortly afterwards, we were vibrated to collected our order.

    One drum and a hind of spicy coating and normal crispy. The normal crispy tasted yummy, its of the right crispy and not too oily. The coating is of the right thickness and well spiced. The Spicy was quoted with a kimchi sauce or chilli sauce, i'm confused by both, however it turned out to be unbelievably yummy. Love the thick crust and well soaked sauce. It was sweet and sour with a very light chilly spicy taste. I think even children can handle that.

    The food was yummy, priced higher than our usual fast food fried chicken however quality was good and as compared to those served in restaurants, their prices are pretty economical.

    Location: 4/5 (Convenient with MRT n BUS n plenty of parking space)

    Food: 4/5 (Pretty Yummilicious)

    Price: 4/5 (As compared in par with korean fried chicken, they are priced reasonably)

    Service: 3.5/5 (its a 2 man show while i was there, but the staff were friendly and patient)

    Cleanliness: 3.5/5

    Will I return: YES

    Will I bring my friends: YES

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    Rating given:4 stars
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