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A part of National Day Celebration.

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  1. phlim
     07 Jan 2009 at 11:11 am

    Singapore Fireworks 2009 was GREAT ! ! !

    I fully agree with you all, it was spectacular and I look forward to the next one, there should be a really big one for our National Day in August 2009.

    decisomour you mention of being 'cheapo' for not getting tickets for the floating platform show. Well I will brand you as 'SMART'. The organizers took the extra mile to make me feel 'DUMB' to have paid $18 $1 SISTIC fee for 8 family members to be seated and ignored. Basically I only have this to say; I felt like I was non-existent at the floating platform. However, that is just my personal opinion, you can read more at my blog at

    A tip I learn was not to shoot pictures, pictures are great if you have the professional know-how, but videos are best for fireworks. Next time, if I get a chance I'll lug my tripod and a 3CCD video camera along :D - this round, my sister borrowed it for her US trip.

    DISCLAIMER: Please DO NOT believe a word I say. The reason I say this is because what I say came from my and ONLY MY own experiences. It does not make it right, it does not make it wrong. You are advised to test and verify them for yourselves. If it works for you, please carry on doing it. If it does not work for you, please throw it out. If you learn something new; for which I am sure you would, please leave me a comment and contact, so that I too can learn from you.

    Copyright (R) 2009

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    1. decisomour
       20 Dec 2008 at 2:17 am

      I was among the many who spent the entire afternoon chopping good seats for the fireworks display too! Cheapo me didn't want to spend money buying the tickets for seats on the floating platform and chose to have a picnic with friends outside of esplanade instead.

      This year's display is fantastic! And I think it lasted longer than those from 2007. And it surely beats all the other display that Singapore had this year.

      I'm looking forward to SFF2009 already!

      P/s: Thanks Claud for providing the video of the display! Very nice!

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      1. phlim
        phlim said:
        Singapore Fireworks 2009 was GREAT ! ! !
        07 Jan 2009 at 11:08 am
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    2. claud
       25 Aug 2008 at 10:51 am
      Please upgrade your Flash Player

      Singapore Fireworks Festival 2008 was awesome!

      This almost-annual event (been happening for 4 years I think. The first one for me was in 2005) happens at the Singapore River. Thousands of people gathered at the floating platform, along the river, around Esplanade, on the bridge, at the Merlion Park, One Fullerton and everywhere possible to catch a glimpse of the display!

      Some people even went to "chop" their place as early as 6pm! (Fireworks starts around 9pm!) Those who went later were either caught in the massive traffic jam or human jam. Despite the congestion and all, everyone was in high spirit to catch the firework display.

      This year, there were 2 nights of display. First by the team from France and on Saturday night, by the team from Korea. These teams are both award-winning teams! No wonder everyone had their jaws wide open for the entire 15-20 minutes display.

      Those who paid for the tickets to watch the display at the floating platform probably have a better understanding of the entire show as it was accompanied by synchronize music. For the rest of us, we had to imagine the music in our head while the fireworks was firing in the sky.

      If you'd missed it, I've attached a short clip of the display by French team.

      Anyone else went? Share your experience here! Especially if you've got photos taken!

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      1. TrumPat
        TrumPat said:
        I'll review on it soon too! :)
        25 Aug 2008 at 1:35 pm
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