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Restaurants » Fast Food, Asian
Photos of 4Fingers (Ion Orchard) - RestaurantsPhotos of 4Fingers (Ion Orchard) - RestaurantsPhotos of 4Fingers (Ion Orchard) - RestaurantsPhotos of 4Fingers (Ion Orchard) - RestaurantsPhotos of 4Fingers (Ion Orchard) - Restaurants

Korean Fried Chicken Fast Food Style

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  1. thinkefy
     30 Sep 2014 at 10:02 am
       4Fingers (Ion Orchard) - Restaurants   4Fingers (Ion Orchard) - Restaurants   4Fingers (Ion Orchard) - Restaurants   4Fingers (Ion Orchard) - Restaurants   4Fingers (Ion Orchard) - Restaurants

    One of the best korean fried chicken in Singapore... I must say the queue is killing me yet I still made the queue, haggled through the crowd in the shop and got myself a shared seat besides 2 friendly Filipinos before i manage to dig into mix wings and chicken sandwich.

    The wings are yummy, crispy and tasty though my pal preferred it harder... i liked it the way it is. Juicy on the inside, crunchy on the outside and very flavourful though the spicy really makes my hair stand. The place is very much self-served however tables are usually left nastily messy. Its natural to place clean suckled bones on the table however, the stall is small, seats are few and turnover fast, we ought to be friendly enough to pack up before we go, which many did so *grateful*

    Like fast food, there are sets to choose from and various flavors of chicken wings that is accompanied with skinny fries and a drink. First you queue, then u order, make payment and collect your drink and a tag... Wait for your tag to vibrate and pick up your food by the window. Love the food being served in a mass tin.. Yes no reheating required yet we eat from a mass tin and I must say its quite clean and neat, but the handle is quite a hassle.

    Serviettes and chilli packets are to be asked for at the collection point and staff is pretty friendly with super quick hands to pack up all the food. Kitchen is neat and tidy and very productive. It has to be fast as the dinner crowd is not so patient worsen by their growling tummys.

    They do have a very iconic looking large table seat with super interesting chairs however its cannot house many patrons and its quite a luxury to be sitting there as such its a waste of space by me. The wall paper was full of scribbled sentences that is pretty interesting. I did take a few pics and spot the content yourself.

    Yummy food with affordable pricing and fast service.

    Food: 4/5, Price: 4/5, Service:4/5, Dining Area: 3/5, Yumminess: 4/5,

    Will i return: Yes, Will i bring my friends: yes

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    Rating given:4 stars
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