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380 Jalan Besar
Lavender Food Square #01-10
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Eating Places » Hawker Centres

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    » 1 Review for “Albert Street Hokkien Prawn Mee ” - Eating Places

  1. Great Sage
     04 Nov 2009 at 5:11 pm

    My friend brought me here to try out a very famous prawn mee. Frankly speaking, i never really have a liking for prawns due to its hassle to deshell them. Nevertheless, since my friend insisted that their prawn mee is very different, i obliged to try it out.

    As we were there during lunch hours, the area was pretty packed with people. Perhaps the ventilation was not that good, the whole area become pretty stuffy with the crowd. So, it is best to get a seat near the side of the food square. Ordering the prawn mee was pretty swift as they provide the service of delivering the food to your table. So, one do not need to queue too long for the prawn mee to be ready.

    The prawn mee comes in different sizes to give diners the flexibility of selecting a portion that can fix their hunger. I usually go for the smallest size so as to accomodate much more variation of foods found in the food square. :) In actual fact, its smallest size prawn mee looks pretty substantial for small eaters or ladies.

    The prawn mee arrived in a ceramic bowl filled with prawn broth, big prawns (should be tiger prawns, i think), mee and chilli powder. I pretty like the fact that they place the chilli powder on the spoon, so you can select how spicy you want for the broth. Pretty thoughful and i guess those who cannot take spicy food would welcome this.

    I find the prawn broth pretty concentrated and sweet. Believe the sweetness is the result of the prawns used for the soup base. Pretty yummy, i can say. The mee were thinner as compared to the normal mee that we see. Wonder, if the thinner mee has anything to do with the prawn mee or its simply a self preference. The mee were soaked in the broth, but still i find it pretty hard. I think i still prefer mee that are of a softer and smoother texture.

    The prawns that were used in the prawn mee were pretty large ones, guess they are considered the tiger prawns. I quite like the texture of the meat which are pretty chewy yet soft enough for digestion. The prawns were presented by slicing into half. I pretty like such way of presenting the prawns as one do not need to diry their hands, by trying the deshell the prawns. Now, one can simply pull the prawn meat out of its shell with little effort.

    Overall, i feel that the taste of the prawn mee is pretty alright and would gladly prefer if they can serve the prawn mee pipping hot. Perhaps using claypot may be a better choice. :)

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