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19, Baghdad Street
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Telephone: (65) 6292-7313
Restaurants » Greek & Mediterranean, Middle Eastern & Turkish
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    » 2 Reviews for “Ambrosia Cafe ” - Restaurants

  1. nadbe11e
     06 Nov 2008 at 4:56 pm

    This is the first time im truly dissapointed..

    Blame it on the service..Now im from the service industry n like it anot..u alwez inform customers of promotions that u have for certain cards..

    Now my fren booked a a table for 8 as we wanted to check out the bellydancing..n we had a citibank card we knew had a 40% discount so tot of usin that..

    Now the food was not bad...the royaltine platter(pita bread plus 5 diff dips) was nice...the lamb(kofta) n beef kebabs were good..tho the kofta was slitely salty..wedges were not bad..typical wedges..but the honey mustard chicken..omg..6 small pieces of chicken cutlets(smaller than mcd nuggets) and a huge serving of the sauce..tried this lamb baked in potato thingy...was totally tasteless..but lamb was not bad..marakesh the chicken stew like thingy...not my cup of baked beans in a can made more diluted with chicken init..

    now we ordered twice..cos a fren ordered sum other things after we 1st ordered..n we onli remembered 1 plate of the honey mustard chicken cos onli 6/7 of us ate it..but when the bill came..they charged us for 2..n not onli that..they kept insistin they gav us two plates...

    mayb shuld install cctv so that if anithin cen check the video..

    not onli that..the belly dancin was supposed to be 4 segments..but we onli saw like 1 10 minute segment..

    but the one thing that pissed me off was when we askd abt the citibank thingy..they were all "must tell when make reservation".."it was in the website"..ok so mayb its my frenz mistake to not mention but cmon..when she called to make reservation u culdv mentiond the promo ryt.. got over that..although felt like we got ripped off...esp since we got juz 1 measly plate of the chicken..

    n the servers were so like "these people so troublesome"..cant b bothered with us..turned me off..even in the end the waiter said theyd give us 1 plate of the chicken..n we ate a lot so we tot we could take it away..instead of tellin us that we cnt he just stood at the counter with this blur face..onli when i told my frenz "i tink we gotta eat here" n they askd him did he tell us we cnt take it away..gosh..realli turn off..

    now a week after i made a reservation and mentioned about the citibank.

    came with my family and had the lamb kofta and the beef kebab. this time it was more salty than the first time. really really salty. my grandad didnt finish it because of that. we also ordered the mushroom soup which came out just plain watery "soup" with mushrooms in it. what kind of soup is that!!??mom wanted a dessert that wasnt too sweet and askd the lady boss for recomendation, she was all " all the deserts are sweet" in a "what are u dumb" tone. ended up not gettin it at all. and finally when we wanted to make payment they refused to give the discount saying we had to tell them when we made reservations. in the end she relented cos the waiter confirmed we did. but she was still being difficult saying "oh when u reserved u made for 8 people then now only 3 showed up. we had to turn away many ppl to accomodate u"..

    first, one hour after that reservation i called to change the number of ppl to 3, not my fault the waiter didnt understand n 2ndly, there was only just 1 pathetic other group in the restaurant when other places nearby were packed..hmm...they had to turn away people..yeah right.

    no wonder got 40% discount..with the bad service n overly msg-ed food..better get discount..

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    1. tinkerbell
       11 Jun 2008 at 10:50 pm
         Ambrosia Cafe - Restaurants

      Walking through Arab Street, the most familiar restaurant name that jumped out at me was Ambrosia. I've read many reviews on the Internet, with praises for it's atmosphere and food. And so, I went there with my friends to try out the food.

      It turned out to be a big disappointment.

      True, Ambrosia had great atmosphere, no matter if it was dining at the Mediterranean Restaurant or the Mediterranean Lounge. It was really cosy and relaxing, romantic even. I cannot deny this positive aspect of the restaurant as it was simply fabulous.

      As for the food, I had their Doner Chicken Kebab, and it was really good! I like it alot, whether it was the grilled chicken or the pita bread. They were like a total perfect combination~ My friends loved this dish too. :)

      We were adventurous and also tried out one of their main courses, which was also chicken, but baked with rice and some other dried fruits/spices and ingredients. It was not that good though, as the rice was dry and average. I preferred the kebab much much much more than this main dish.

      Drinks wise, we had Lime Laban, Apple Laban, Lychee Freeze, Longan Freeze and they were all quite nice. I had Lime Laban, and it actually tasted like the lime&milk ice lolly that you can find in the convenience stores. x)

      With all that said, what actually caused the unhappy disappointing experience? -- The service.

      When we were leaving the restaurant, we realised that one pair of shoes were actually missing! Right there, it just turned the happy dinner into an angry one. The waiters at Ambrosia were quite nice, helping to look for the pair of missing shoe and checking around to see if anyone has seen it.

      However, the lady in charge was very unhelpful and unfriendly. She didn't try to placify us, and neither did she try to help. All she did was just to stand at the counter and told us in a deadpanned face and half-irritated voice that she couldn't do anything about the missing shoe. All we could do, was to report the incident to the police, before Ambrosia could compensate us for the shoe.

      She then commanded one of the waiters to bring out a pair of slippers for my friend and that's that. No friendly words, no apologies and totally no expression on that stoned face of hers.

      What kind of service is that?!

      It was honestly not the type of service I expected from a restaurant that is recommended by the Singapore Tourism Board (STB). Imagine if it was a tourist, would she be as rude and unhelpful? How can customer service from a highly recommended place to tourists, be of such service standards?

      I don't understand.

      What's more? On our way out, the waiters who were ever so friendly to us during dinner, all either stayed away or treated us as transparent beings. Not a single apology or recognition towards us.

      It just made me wonder, were their friendly service beforehand all fake and full of pretence? =/

      Of course, my email to Ambrosia never got a reply as well......

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      Rating given:2 stars
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      Comments on this review:
      1. Helmet
        Helmet said:
        good to see you back to post
        11 Jun 2008 at 11:05 pm
      2. tinkerbell
        tinkerbell said:
        thanks! :)
        11 Jun 2008 at 11:22 pm
      3. claud
        claud said:
        tinkerbell!! u're back!! welcome welcome!!!
        11 Jun 2008 at 11:40 pm
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