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Beauty and Wellness » Spas & Massage
Photos of ATOS WELLNESS PTE LTD (THE ADELPHI) - Beauty and WellnessPhotos of ATOS WELLNESS PTE LTD (THE ADELPHI) - Beauty and WellnessPhotos of ATOS WELLNESS PTE LTD (THE ADELPHI) - Beauty and WellnessPhotos of ATOS WELLNESS PTE LTD (THE ADELPHI) - Beauty and WellnessPhotos of ATOS WELLNESS PTE LTD (THE ADELPHI) - Beauty and Wellness


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    » 5 Reviews for “ATOS WELLNESS PTE LTD (THE ADELPHI) ” - Beauty and Wellness

  1. constance.soh.5
     28 Apr 2014 at 5:09 pm

    On my first visit to Inner Harmony (Ina Harmoni) at Cathay on 28 Apr 2014, i utilized the voucher issued by True Spa to redeemed a massage session at Inner Harmony.

    I was made to fill in some health questionnaire which I had obliged. I was then attended by the assistant manager , who then informed me that I was not able to do the massage because it happened to be the last day of my period. So I was simply being turned down by them & couldn't get a massage session.

    I asked if I can sign on any disclaimer form if they may have & will take all responsibilities because I do not see a problem with having massage on the last day of the period and I have done that before without facing any health concern. The assistant manager got the manager to speak to me & she repeated the same thing, that they will not do the massage for me. When I asked what are the health concerns which they may have which make it unsuitable for a customer to do massage when the period is considered as ended, she just replied it's their protocol.

    I felt its silly to go all the way there and got turned down by them & being offered an lame answer that it's their protocol when that so-called protocol wasn't clearly informed to their customers. I also felt being penalized for being all honest to them to inform that it's the last day of my period.

    They then put me on the line to speak to their HQ. It made me even more upset when the HQ repeated the same old thing that it's their protocol & she cannot do anything about it. And that she can't help even if True Spa failed to tell their customer that this is their protocol because this is stated in the agreement between them and even lamented that I'm wrong to say that it's wasn't stated clearly to the customer. Come on, which customer will know their protocol or terms on the agreement, from a customer point of view, the so called protocol wasn't clearly stated & since they accepted True Spa customers, they should be responsible enough to get the right message across to the end consumer. And because I am not considered as a Atos customer , they pushed me to call True Spa directly claiming they cannot deal with True Spa customer directly which also puzzled me on why the questionnaire was being given to me to filled up my particulars since they aren't supposed to contact True Spa customer directly.

    With all due respect, Mr Ananda, I think you will need to look into how your staff can handle feedback in a constructive manner & not just lament that it's the customer problem & that it's the company protocol so they cannot do anything else.

    Constance Soh

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    Rating given:4 stars
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    1. Leenie Pigs
      Leenie Pigs said:
      r u still rating them 4 stars? the more stars the better leh!
      28 Apr 2014 at 5:22 pm
    2. constance.soh.5
      constance.soh.5 said:
      Hi Leenie Pigs, I put only 2 stars, not sure how come it became 4 stars? Any idea how to change it?
      30 Apr 2014 at 11:14 am
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  2. $money$
     29 Aug 2012 at 11:25 am
       ATOS WELLNESS PTE LTD (THE ADELPHI) - Beauty and Wellness   ATOS WELLNESS PTE LTD (THE ADELPHI) - Beauty and Wellness   ATOS WELLNESS PTE LTD (THE ADELPHI) - Beauty and Wellness   ATOS WELLNESS PTE LTD (THE ADELPHI) - Beauty and Wellness   ATOS WELLNESS PTE LTD (THE ADELPHI) - Beauty and Wellness

    I got a voucher from NTUC Income for a free “60min Renewal Spa Facial” and I went on a weekday afternoon (it specify that there will be a $28 surcharge if I go after 5pm and also on Fri/Sat). But after I finished, I kept wondering whether they gave me a different treatment. The whole treatment consist of 3 parts – a face massage with Aroma oil, a mask (I dozed off, so no idea how long), a 12min rest on their “special” mat with a special spectacles and headphones (but the staff didn’t come back to tell me to get up and so I waited and finally decide to find my way out). By the time I finished, it was almost 1.5 hours! I didn’t quite like their service and environment, although I would rate them well for the treatment itself (ignoring that I was expecting a facial and not a spa).

    The face massage was good for the staff skills and also the length – almost 30mins? Most places either focus on body massage (with some face massage) or focus on facial (with some face massage). For the aroma oil, they did a smell test with me (but none was the usual that you find in other spas) and athough not disgusting, it wouldn’t fancy me enough to buy it myself. During the smell test, one woman came in (not in uniform) and sort of supervise the process, but didn’t introduce herself.

    Before the treatment, the consultant already told me that they do not do extraction and face steam for all their treatments. She also warned me about the mask – it will be warm and might be spiky on areas of little breakouts. Again, this is unusual compared to other facials that I have gone to. The temperature and spikiness is still acceptable for me. But what rated low, was that I could hear their sales conversation outside the room and I thought it was a male customer?

    For the special mat, the staff took me to a different room and gave me a special spectacles that have red light coming out, but the spectacles does not meant for me to open my eyes while resting. The headphones had sound coming out (not music) but it didn’t irritate me – instead, I think it was the massage mat used by another customer on the bed nearby that generate irritating machine sound. The “feeling” of the mat and the red light and the sound (from the headphone) was good, but the service was not – the staff didn’t come back to wake me up as promised even after the red light and sound had stopped (she said it will take 12mins).

    On the shop itself, I was told they have 12 units on this floor, but they all looked quite randomly set up from the outside. The décor in the units were also quite random. They seem to cater to more the neighbourhood customers, rather than the office workers or shoppers……..

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    Rating given:3 stars
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    1. Dlee10
       02 Nov 2010 at 10:45 am
         ATOS WELLNESS PTE LTD (THE ADELPHI) - Beauty and Wellness

      Dont ever go there. The staff is not honest.

      My wife went for a free facial at the Adelphi outlet as I was given a voucher while applying for a credit card.

      The treatment is so so only. But after the treatment, the Asst Manager (Celine) tried to persuade my wife to sign for package (usual practise). She started with a 10x pkg - about $75/Aroma Facial treatment. My wife declined. Then was offered 5x and 3x and at the end, my wife agreed to 1x coz she couldn’t stand the persuasion.

      When she came home and passed the invoice to me, I was frustrated as the invoice clearly stated: "Aroma facial - 3x, $75 per unit – total amount $225. – DP 75 7% = 80.25. Bal 150 7% - 160.50/-.”

      My wife was not well educated. She felt into the trap. She was told by Celine that it was only for 1x at $75 GST. Unfortunately, she signed on it and paid $80.25.

      4 days later, I went to talk to them. I declined to talk to Celine and insisted to talk to the in-charge which is the manager – Janet Tang. I told her I didn’t like the way they cheated my wife and wanted to cancel & ask for refund since I read that there was a cool-off period of 5 days for spa & wellness business in the paper. Janet told me they are not CASE-trust registered and refused to refund by pointing on the invoice that “all monies & deposit paid for package signed are not refundable or exchangeable…” I have no choice but to accept this as they are not CASE-trusted or to me – not trusted at all.

      I told Janet why they wrote down 3x instead of 1x as promised. She replied that Celine wanted to help my wife save $ as 3x the package is cheaper! What an excuse. She then told me even though it was written in the invoice as 3x, if my wife is not interested to continue after 1x, she can stop. I told her, if so why it was not stated in the invoice. She said it was implied and stated in their internal document. I told her I don’t believe in their int. document as it was not shown to my wife and only show to me when I made a complaint. Finally, she agreed to write down the following on the invoice. I quote “if she does not want to continue she does not have to pay balance!” and signed and dated.

      During the process, I was angry coz she kept on denying that they forced my wife and using unacceptable excuses to explain the different between discussed agreement and what was stated in the invoice. I sounded louder than before. Janet said why I sounded louder, am I going to hammer her? (I don’t even bring a hammer, ;) else she had to call security. I thought I would call the police if she call the security. Anyway, I just wanted to settle this matter and considered this as a good lesson learnt. I am not going to trust any spa shop for a long period ahead. I told her I would comment on this in forums, etc, Janet told me to go ahead and even said what I did will come back to me. Ha. I am not sure about that but It will definitely come back to her first for her staff to cheat an ignorant customer.

      I think I will also inform the credit card issuing bank not to give their customers voucher from un-trusted companies.

      They prayed on my wife’s ignorance (as she is not well educated) and succeeded in getting $80.25 but lost a great deal in the future.

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      Rating given:1 stars
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